Thursday, June 03, 2010

Better Safe than Sorry!

Did I ever tell you about my ex-husband and his home?

My daughter here flew out to Phoenix back in March to have a visit with her dad -her second trip there in the past 11 years now -and while there, she stayed in a fifth wheel camper he has adjacent to his home.

His home? Well, his home just happens to be an RV! A regular motor home, ya know.

The kids and I sometimes joke about his "home" and that he has his washer and dryer outside the front door of the motor home. I can't say this with certainty cause I've never been there myself, but my son and his girlfriend as well as Mandy have all been there and that's what they say he has anyway.

Back around 2000 or 2001 -can't remember which year it was now -he and his wife drove out here in that motor home for a cross-country trip and visit here, on the east coast with the kids.
He's lucky in that he is a mechanic by trade so if anything mechanically had gone wrong on their trip, odds are he probably could have fixed it himself -if the need would have been there.

Now, you know -if I had a motor home though and decided to try to do a trip like that, the first darned thing I'd be getting before heading out though would be to make sure I had some kind of coverage that included motorhome towing, don't 'cha?

Cause with my luck -which is heavily oriented around Murphy and his old stupid law -you know I'd be the one who would have the thing break down on me, probably out in the middle of no where too, I suppose.

I wonder if the worry about something like that happening to him while traveling maybe was the reason why he bought that fifth wheel camper so he can go travel and leave the motor home parked where it is.

Well, for sure, if he does that, he doesn't have to worry about leaving the washer and dryer sitting out in the desert all by their lonesome then, does he?

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wendyytb said...

Oh! Too funny! Have to admit, though...I wouldn't mind seeing the country in a motor home!