Friday, June 04, 2010

Shaping Up?

Yesterday, because I was really busy almost all day in the kitchen -cooking supper for older daughter and the older grandson -I was lax in walking Sammy thus, lax then too in getting some good exercise in for myself as well.

I sort of made up for that today as Sammy and I went for a long walk -like about a hour's worth -but which only amounted to about a mile and a half distance because I was somewhat engrossed in taking more pictures along the way of changes in the trees, the woods, the ground cover, etc.

One thing I noticed more and more on each walk though is the preponderance of blackberry bushes and blossoms on them this year. Incredible the amount that seems to be out there. Of course, I really don't know if this is a larger than usual crop of blackberries that might be coming on though as I have nothing to compare this to since I haven't done any serious walking around the roads into the woods in this area for many, many years. But I sure am hoping that things work out that way.

Just look for example at these blackberry plants and all the blossoms on them.

All these blackberry bushes and blossoms are growing directly across the street from my house at the corner of my neighbor's lot. They are intermingled with the trees there, growing up behind the telephone pole and in the last photo above, you can see the branches loaded with the blossoms are above the telephone lines there and are even falling over the telephone lines too.

Now, I see those blossoms and my mind starts to roam and in my mind's eye I'm envisioning some really good things too. Things like oh, some freshly baked blackberry pie or cobblers or maybe even -if I get really ambitious later this summer -some home made blackberry jam!

Mmmmm. Sure does sound good doesn't it?

The only problem here being the fact that although I have lost a few pounds, I have a "far piece" yet to go and not only that, but you see, years of not being the most mobile person around have left me with other things too -like rolls of flab and fat.

Right now, that means the walking -while good -is going to need a bit more to get rid of the rolls that look almost the size of some industrial handles -if you can envision what I mean by that!

Let's face facts folks -the epitome of "love handles" ain't what I got!

Guess I'm gonna have to give some serious thought to some kind of other exercise program of some sort that will help tone up the body just a tad.

Then again, maybe when I have the lovely surgery I have to have sometime in the near future, perhaps I can talk the surgeon -or one of 'em anyway -into just taking a nip and a tuck here and there and snip, snip, snip it -or at least some of it -all away.

Yeah -and I know the old adage too about wishing in one hand and doing something else in the other so I suppose that above thought will be just a thought, just some wishful thinking.

But then again ya know, it could happen!


Mrs4444 said...

Well then, I'm proud of you for getting out there, even if your walk was slow. Keep it up! :)

I love wild blackberries. I always pick ours and then ask the neighbors if I can pick theirs, too. (Sometimes they say yes!) If you just eat the fresh berries, you'll have less guilt than if you bake pies :)

Maggie May said...

I also have a roll of flesh that doesn't seem to come off.
Strangely enough chemo made me eat more and become obsessed with certain foods.

I have heard that you have to walk at a fair old pace, like up a hill and get slightly out of breath before the pounds start to shed. (Not if you have a bad heart.)
I guess we will have to starve and NOT eat blackberry pie.
I had to chuckle at you thinking that you could have a nip, tuck and plastic surgery while you were having your operation! Err...... I think not!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

I don't make pies with the fresh berries; I make smoothies or use the fruit on cold cereal. Regarding exercise, have you tried exercising to an exercise tape or DVD? I have a few DVDs that I exercise to every day for one hour. I do believe I am older than you and I have found they help with my joints and keep me limber. I googled exercise tapes and found them. I bought one at a time. I have been using them so long now that the ones I bought at the start of my exercise program are not advanced enough any longer. That alone is a good way to keep me on the program.