Friday, June 04, 2010

Picture This!

Okay -now I want you to close your eyes and open your mind to picture something.

Picture this nice table -for dining purposes. It has a nice light oak finish around the framing and the legs and the top of the table is white squares -tiles -ceramic tiles. Pretty vision, isn't it?

Now, think of those tiles as being the nice pretty shiny white of oh, let's say a white satin tuxedo vest and think about how bright white that would be.

Then picture taking a piece -a nice good sized piece -of dark (really dark) chocolate cake, with some white cream cheese icing on it -and take that cake and crumble it all over the white table -or sprinkle it all over the pretty white vest -and then, smoosh it in using that lovely white cream cheese icing as sort of a gooey glue factor and think about what you have left then in front of you.

And if your mind's eye has done a decent job of imagining this stuff, you'll know then exactly what kind of a mess I had a little while ago on our dining room table after some one, a small child, I'm not sure exactly which one, but I rather suspect it was a four-year-old boy (mainly because the bulk of the big crumbs on the floor were pretty much in line with where he'd been sitting) took his nice yummy piece of chocolate cake and crumbed it up -or the majority of it and smeared it all over everything within reach of him as he sat at the table.

He even managed to fling a piece of the cake that clipped Maya's forehead and the crumbs and icing then attached to her bangs too.

Yep, just picture all this and then imagine what kind of mood that mess put me in.

Well, on second thought -depending on how sensitive your system might be to some pretty bad cuss words, maybe you better not picture my reaction to all this.

It's cleaned up now and I'm using this as a means to keep calming myself down so that I don't do anything really rash to this certain little boy here -who believe it or not, I still do love dearly anyway!

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Berni said...

Yikes and you stopped at just cuss words I admire your restraint.