Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Fun and Games -Some Not!

It's been a busy time the past week here!

On Saturday, Mandy and I went to a wedding. The wedding of our neighbor's daughter, Susan, to Kenny and a beautiful wedding it was, indeed! (Susan's mother has been my closest friend, geographically speaking, for most of my life and we've also been best of friends in the true meaning of the word "friend" too for all those years, which now number probably close to 64 years! Incredible huh? But true!)

Here's a picture of the bride and groom -just for you to view! The groom is right beside her! And, beside the groom is his mother too -as they stood in the receiving line right after the ceremony.
I don't know about your thoughts on the bride, but I think she looks mighty happy! As well as beautiful too.
In this, another view of the receiving line, here's Susan and Kenny and in the background, there's her Dad -Jim Eyerly and her mother, my good friend, Kate Nelson Eyerly. Jim looked a lot more comfortable in this pose than he did when we saw him earlier -just before the service -when he was preparing to escort Sue down the aisle. He also sang a solo at the end of the service -a beautiful rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" done to perfection. Put that great tenor voice of his to very good use on this occasion he did!
Three generations here -Susan's niece, Katie, Susan's mother, Kate and Susan's oldest sister, Karen -at the beginning of the reception.
Susan's sense of humor often is very much like her Dad's -more than a bit zany much of the time. Here she is at the reception as she and Kenny made the rounds, greeting and visiting a bit with all their guests. In this shot, she was showing those of us at our table the "comfort" shoes she had chosen for this big event in her life. As a joke, I told her to put her foot up on the table so I could get a better shot of the shoes and Susan, being Jim's daughter, obliged!

There's been a whole lot of drama ongoing this week in our house -things I will not write about here mainly because there are also certain elements in this area -people -who have been reading my blog, not interpreting correctly either as they have run to other people to tell things that aren't accurate about things I've said here. Therefore, if those people -and you know who you are -care to know the details about which I give reference here -think about my hand and a specific digit on one's hand and picture this -I'm waving it right at you right now! (If you want to talk and spread gossip, sure would be nice if you got your stories right, ya know!)

I'm still waiting -fairly patiently -for a call from the hospital in Pittsburgh with the date when I have to go there again to have all the pre-operative tests run -about 2-3 hours worth of 'em as a matter of fact. After that is done, the hospital -and the surgeon -then have 30 days time in which to schedule me for the surgery and if they don't do it in that time span, I'll have to go and have the darned tests all repeated then!

Yesterday was a milestone day for Miss Maya as she lost her first UPPER tooth! The other one probably will follow along in fairly short order to so we've been telling her by Christmas she'll probably have her own special song she can sing then --"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!" You wouldn't think one little tooth can do much to change a child's appearance but today, she seemed to look much older than just 6 years old -well, older than she looked Tuesday night when she still had a full contingency of baby teeth then!

Today, I went to lunch with four of my good friends from elementary and high school but, because Mandy had to go to Hershey Medical Center with her best friend and her daughter, for me to go to the luncheon today, I had Maya and Kurtis as well as the TSS who works with each child with me too! This is all part of the work these young women do with the kids to try to aid them in the process of learning good social skills and in that respect, I am really happy to report that both of them did extremely great today!

They ate the chicken tenders and a lot of their french fries, polished off their applesauce and milk too and not only that, they were so well-behaved it almost put me in a state of shock, ya know!

They usually do fairly well in settings like this but the thing with these two is that that worm can turn on you in a heartbeat and a meltdown can develop out of no where. But today, they really were both at their absolute best in the behavior department.

As we left the restaurant, Kurtis went up to each of Gram's friends and gave each one a big, big hug, saying and waving "Good bye" to them as we headed out the door.

Can't very well ask for anything more, can you?


Berni said...

Sounds to me if your lif is pretty ful. Can't even remember the names of thise I went to school with, that is pretty special. Hope all goes well medically for you

Suldog said...

Heh. I remember what a thrill it was to lose a tooth for the first time because it meant you were growing up! Plus, you got stuff from the Tooth Fairy. I hope she got some loot of some kind!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a beautiful bride...and such fun that you could go with your long-time friend!!! And that lost tooth is cause for celebration...I'm sure that tooth fairy is somewhere about :-)) Praying for your pre-op and surgery...hope all goes extraordinarily well! Love, Janine XO

... Paige said...

how loverly that lil' Kurtis can be :-)

and the other...I'm waving at ya too ;-p

Linda said...

It looks like it was a lovely wedding! I've noticed that a lot of brides are opting for comfy shoes these days and I can't say that I blame them at all - they are on their feet a lot and who wants to go on their honeymoon with aching feet?

Congrats to Maya on losing that first tooth! I hope the Tooth Fairy left something nice under her pillow!