Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sucky Mood!

Do you ever have one of those days -maybe even several -where all kinds of little things keep happening and begin to really bug you?

I'm having one of those kind of days today it seems and when these things build up and then go into "overflowing" mode on me, my best recourse is to find a way to grump a bit about it or else, I'm liable to get really, really ticked off and explode.

So guess who gets to listen to me grump then?

In this instance, I'm gonna use you -my lovely readers -because if I say anything to the culprit here in the house, I'll probably say too much or if nothing else, just get my blood pressure on an uphill road and I don't really care to have that happen.

So let's talk a bit, OK?

There are certain things that really bug me. I mean REALLY bug me! One of these concerns the bathroom and in particular, the vanity.

It took me a long, long time to find a way to get my bathroom semi-remodeled and to get a nice vanity in there. Heck, it's all part and parcel of my lovely reason to have this stinking mortgage hanging over my head that will be around long after I'm dead and gone too, considering there are 20 years left to go on it. So, with that said, I'd really like to have the vanity kept in decent shape, if at all possible.

So what's my issue here?

Someone in this household has managed in the past month to get dye marks, from hair dye that are permanent type marks -won't scrub off to save your soul -for openers on the vanity.

Then there's the hot curling straightener things someone insists on using -which I wouldn't mind -except that person leaves the darned things on and laying on the vanity and there are now some brownish marks on the other side of the vanity top from those hot curling iron things.

And the straw that is about to break the camel's back -in this case -make me really lose my cool, calm, cucumberish outlook, ya know, is the constant need to be wiping up the vanity -scrubbing it down almost hourly at times, wiping all around the bathroom faucet to try to get all the long black hairs that manage to accumulate all the time there. Sometimes, there are so many of these long hairs there that I am wondering if the vanity has not turned into a thing that grows these hairs!

This stuff really bugs me -a lot! I hate to go in there day in and day out and find all these hairs especially in the bowl, on the vanity, on the wall even but especially around the faucet. You can't wash your hands or brush your teeth without first giving the darned sink a good cleaning out, over and over.

And speaking of "over and over" -that's how many times I have addressed these issues with the chief offender here too and all to no avail.

Any suggestions on what you might do to get this person attuned to cleaning the vanity and bowl and fixtures off after a little hair combout? Or maybe not having to comb her hair every hour on the hour might help a bit. The marks on the vanity I'm pretty much stuck with now but I did make it know that I want no more hair dye stuff going on in the bathroom sink and that rule better be held to or else.

Gee, I feel so much better having gotten all this ranting, petty as it may be, off my chest.

Thanks for being such good listeners.


Dianne said...

I'm laughing because at some point early this morning I screamed at the top of lungs "Damn It!! I want to live alone!! Just me and the cats!!"

I wish you luck but my experience has been that people just don't get some things - doesn't make them bad people - makes them bathroom wreckers

as for the hairs

well - my son used to leave pizza boxes on the living room floor and after a million requests from me to take out the garbage I just simply started putting them in his bed

how about a pillow full of wet hair!?

just make sure you warn once and make your feelings clear - calmly

after that they get what they deserve ;)

Maggie May said...

I would creep in at night and shave her head!

I feel much the same at times. Why doesn't anyone else take care of any one else's property & belongings.
There's been a lot of damage done here too! Sigh.....

Travis said...

Is it the only bathroom? Because if you have a second bathroom in the house, then I'd banish the person from yours!

I don't know what to do about the stains though.

Palm Springs Savant said...

If this is that important than you need to seriously lay down the line. Respect your rules or get her own place. Regardless of who she is or her financial situation.

I would tell this person that you are going to hire a cleaning person to come in twice a week- at her expense to maintain the bathroom to your standards.

Other thought is just have her pay $25 a week for you to go do something for yourself to get your mind off of things.

Linda said...

My girls have a bad habit of trashing the bathroom themselves and there are definitely stains on the basin/vanity that weren't there when we moved in and that I can't get rid of for love or money it seems.

I just can't for the life of me figure out how it is that my kids all turned out to be such major slobs when I have always been the complete opposite! My son is better now but even when he was growing up he tended to leave things lying around and his room - ugh!

One of these days I am looking forward to just living with me, myself, and I and then if there's a mess I'll know exactly who to yell at!

Berni said...

You have every right to grump that is totally not acceptable but having raised three teenage boys I know getting crabby about it doesn't work it just make you feel like a louse.
Is there two bathrooms can you put a lock or something on this one in order to keep it for yourself. It is distressing the stains and burns I would be very upset about it even though there is not much you can do about them now. Maybe charge a fee for every time you have to clean up although I think I would still be made even if I got paid to clean up. Boy I feel quite annoyed for you!

Morgan Mandel said...

Have her save up some money and get her hair dyed at the beauty parlor!

One thing I'm getting aggravated about is why I still keep getting booted out when I try to bring up blogs. I have to arrow back and forth because I keep getting this aborted message from Internet Explorer. What is their problem?

Morgan Mandel

janeywan said...

I have long hair so know all about it getting everywhere. I hate it myself so what I usually do is brush it outside, won't elimate all of the hair but it sure helps.
Hope she knows how easily her curling iron could start a fire. I'm sure she'd feel awful if that were to happen.
Not ideas on the hair dye, as you can see I don't use the stuff.