Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Feediing Frenzy

In my last post, I mentioned about how, on our walk with the kids, we went up to visit one of their favorite places. That would be my son's good friend, Kevin's house. And in particular, the fish pond he built!

Yep! Both kids absolutely love going up the hill to see the fishies!

And I thought maybe you all might enjoy seeing these two little videos I took of them and the fish! So, with that in mind, here's both of 'em -just for your own viewing pleasure.


Shelby said...

Hi!!! These are precious videos of yours! I absolutely love the snippets of real life and the awe and wonder and innocence of the children interacting with you guys and the beautiful fish pond. This made my morning!

Sending huge hugs.. sorry I haven't been "around" much.. I am much quieter these days, just busy I guess. And more introspective.

Still trying to figure out my life and what I'm going to do with my so called career goals. I just keep getting older by the day and no real plans have emerged yet...

But my children - ( like your children - and grandchildren ) keep me smiling and, it's really all for them.. more of a feeling of - gotta get them out there and launched in the world..then I can focus on me.

I guess.

Really, I enjoyed these little videos of what is truly precious in life.. the children and how they see the world as wonderment.. and the love between them and us.

Cheers and happy Saturday! I raise my glass (coffee mug).

Linda said...

Isn't it great that we can capture bits and pieces of our lives on video so easily now and be able to look back at them later on and share the memories all over again?

I kind wish someone had taken a video of me yesterday when I was supposedly conscious in the recovery room but can't remember a thing of it!

Have a great weekend, Jeni!

... Paige said...

What fun!

RuneE said...

It must be great to have your own fishing pond - at least to have a pond with fishes in. I could see that the kids enjoyed it enormously.

My parents loved to go fishing in the local fjords, so I grew up with fish. I haven't kept that up, but still it fish when I can.

Travis said...

Kids want to get as close as they can, don't they?