Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Rough Nuggets

Boy, the past week has been a mix of some really nice days -sunny, warm, breezy too and things like that do a lot to perk one up, for sure.

But then there are other little things that come along and really can knock the wind our of your sails too.

For openers, two small children with autism who decide to throw a tantrum by doing a big hop and plop and then, make their body go all limp and you have to try to get them upright and moved away from wherever they happen to be and off to the side. Like my grandson the other night at the Fireman's Parade who had a hissy fit when we got to where we wanted to sit with some friends and did one of those plop down and go limp deals. You try to lift up a kid that while still small, a toddler, is also dead weight. That ain't no easy thing to do.

Then there's my lovely garden. Yeah the plants are growing ok, aside from seeing this darned blight stuff on the leaves of the green beans and now the peas too. But it's all still growing, so I guess that's good. But the bad part for me is trying to keep the weed level down to a dull roar. The old back and legs don't like to cooperate with me when it comes to that bend and stretch kind of stuff.

Last night, my intestines decided to go on the warpath too. Lots and lots of cramping pains while they worked to shove things along the intestinal tract and boy, I was looking for something to hold on to while that was going on too.

All these things -each in their own right -can have me looking around for something really strong to lean on, to pull the grandkids up, to steady me while I putter in the garden or just to get a good grip on to ride out the pain when the intestines go wild on me.

I'm thinking I need some kind of industrial handles maybe might be a useful tool to help me out in situations like any of the above. Do ya think that might work? I dunno but I'm thinking it might just be worth looking into!

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