Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kittens, Anyone?

I've been telling you for the past six weeks now about the four cute little kittens we have here. I know I put a picture or two of them on my blog when they were first born and I might have posted a picture somewhere in between too but today, I'm gonna show you them as they are today -rambunctious and still cute as all get out too!

Although we have names (sort of) for them, I have to be honest here and tell you that I can't tell them apart to say exactly which is which by name! There are two orange kittens -one is Milo, the other is Sherbet (as in Orange Sherbet) and the two peach/beige colored kittens are Dora and Peaches. Although I'm not sure if Dora is a female and that name is appropriate or if Dora should perhaps become "Dorian" or maybe Diego (since the Dora is for "Dora the Explorer" and that kitten has always been the "explorer" of the pack!
Here's all four of them, romping around on the sofa. I think the one in the middle, front is Milo -simply because it looks to be the furriest/fluffiest of the group and supposedly that's why it got the name Milo -although I don't know what the connotation is there. Go figure, I guess.
This is Dora (or Diego) the Explorer, doing what she/he does best -exploring!

And, here's the little explorer again -at the top of the climb.

Here's Sherbet -a climber too, but usually not quite as adventurous as sibling, Dora/Diego.
This is Dora and Milo engaged in some active playtime.
All four of them nipping at each other -mostly playing with the other's tails. I think -if I have it right here, the first one on the left is Milo, then there's Sherbet playing with Dora and that leaves Peaches as the one with only the tail showing behind Milo.

I wish each one of them had some really distinguishing characteristic so I could then be able to identify each one and tell them apart!

Here's all of the cats and kittens -the large orange is Nina, the mother cat and the grey cat to the back is Chino -one of the kittens from the litter that Mama cat, Jorge, had a year ago. Jorge disappeared back around October or November one night -snuck out of the house and never returned. We hunted all over the area here but never found her. And right now, Chino apparently has decided to go off wandering too -must have escaped yesterday afternoon when Mandy, the kids and I were away for most of the day - but this worries me too now because she hasn't yet returned.

Ah, exciting life here in the household, ya know.

If anyone would like a lovely little, playful kitten, feel free to leave a note and send me your name and full mailing address.

Have kittens, will ship, ya know!


Travis said...

I love little kittens, although not quite so many at one time! LOL!

I once considered adding a kitten to our little family, but Mr Tucker is such a spook that I reconsidered. It was the right decision I think, as he only tolerates his country cousins. He's just not a social guy.

He has pride of place. Since he'll be 12 next month, I think he's earned a quiet retirement.

Sandee said...

Awwww....They are adorable honey. I wish I could but I'm highly allergic. I mean highly allergic. I so love kitties though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

Thank Goodness we live miles apart because I just know that my granddaughters would just love one or two!

lattégirl said...

I'll trade you four grey kittens for 4 orange kitties. I LOVE orange cats. (They're usually boys, you know. Their mom is one of those rare ones.)