Sunday, June 28, 2009


I tried and tried, over and over again to get this video to upload to YouTube but it was a no go.

So this evening, after being able to upload it to my Facebook, I thought I'd give it a shot here, using the Blogger video thingy. I figured if I couldn't get it to upload on YouTube then it would probably take forever to get it on using this system but to my surprise, it uploaded fine and dandy and fairly quickly too.

Don't expect anything truly awesome in the photography here -just a little video at the tail end of the fireworks last night.

But the neat thing is that it does have sound and you can crank your volume up and maybe get the feeling you're out watching them in person. All depends I guess on how vivid your imagination might be.



Linda said...

Woohoo! I loves me some fireworks and those are great! I bet they were really something to see and hear in person!

Jocelyn said...


I saw exactly the same thing last night, except I was alone with my husband.


skywind said...

Oh, should be is purely the technical question. LOL
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Red said...

That was really neat. I esp liked the view thru the fence. That was a unique video technique!

I need to figure out where I should take the kids for fireworks around here. They loved the last ones that we went to in Georgia at the local park.

Sandee said...

Jocelyn made me laugh out loud. Bwahahahahaha.

That was some great fireworks. Great video.

Have a terrific day honey. :)

Alex the Girl said...

I saw my first fireworks show this year at the renaissance festival. It was spectacular. Your video is wonderful, but I truly believe there is no way you can transfer how cool it is seeing one in person. Truly amazing.

Dr.John said...

I just love fireworks. Thank you.

Travis said...

It's been ages since I watched fireworks outside on the 4th. We usually watch Pops Goes the 4th on tv.