Monday, June 29, 2009

Look Into My Crystal Ball

I absolutely have to stop this darned day dreaming stuff. There's no two ways about it but that it has to stop!

What's wrong with a little day dreaming anyway, you ask? Well, technically, nothing. If, like other things, it is done in moderation. That's my theory about it anyway.

But lately, my day dreams have been getting a bit carried away. And then, I start surfing around and finding all kinds of things and mostly end up either drooling or depressed.

One of my recent day dreams got me thinking about office furniture, of all things. And it's all Mandy's fault too, come to think of it.

About 8 or 9 years back, my older daughter and her now ex-husband gave me a nifty chair for me to have to sit in relative comfort when playing on the computer. A nice grey tweedy number, with arm rests and of course, a swivel base too. You could adjust the back a bit so you were either sitting ramrod straight or leaning slightly. (I really needed the "ramrod straight" setting cause the others tended to relax me a bit too much and I'd fall asleep at the computer easier than I usually do. (Heck, back in the day when I worked doing data entry, I could get so relaxed in my chair at work that I would fall sleep while typing! My supervisor gave me the nickname of "Luna" for being able to do that!)

Anyway, that chair after so many years of hard usage was beginning to wear out and a new chair was something Mandy felt I (or we) needed here. So, last month when they had the big "Trash to Treasure" sale on campus at Penn State, she went looking for a new-to-us computer desk chair and found one, almost identical to the one we had except the padding on the seat wasn't all ripped up like my old chair had become.

So getting this spiffy new chair now set the wheels of my old pea brain to churning about what I need to get next -a new computer desk! Yes, indeedy, that would be just the ticket. Definitely do need something that would let me pull out the keyboard without the darned thing falling off the roller-track, tha's for sure!

Well, judging by the type of desks I like, and considering the cost of the darned fuel oil needed to keep us warm during the winter and give us hot water year-round, I'm gonna be wanting for a good little while.

Unless of course, maybe next spring Mandy can find me a nice "new-to-us" spiffy desk at the annual Trash to Treasure Sale!

Hey, it's something to look forward too isn't it? And at least day dreaming like that can give me a better idea of what to tell her to look for then too, ya know.


Paula said...

I'm sure she'll be able to find one and maybe even at a yard sale before next year. One'll pop up and then your daydreaming will come to fruition. I daydream alot too, not always a bad thing! Glad your bums more comfy in a newer chair!

skywind said...

Oh, manages a household with diligence and thrift good girl. : )
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Sandi McBride said...

Jeni, you just get yourself right here...I've got just what you need! And a flea market to boot!

Mrs4444 said...

I think you should check out You might get lucky!