Sunday, June 07, 2009

"I Was There"

I've told you for the past couple of weeks now about Maya having to learn a song for the Children's Choir at our church. The name of the song is actually "The Borning Song" although I've been referring to it by the first line -"I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry."

Well, today was the big day as the Children's Choir joined forces with the Senior Choir at our church and performed this number. And I even managed to take a video of them too -just so I could share it here and also, so we can send it to Maya's Grandpa ("Poppy) -out in Laughlin, Nevada -so he can see -and hear -how well his little granddaughter is doing.

I tried to load this video on the post but it wouldn't finish processing so that's why I have the url for it here!

The reason for the combined musical efforts today was because the service was in honor of the graduates from our parish. We had several high school as well as college graduates honored today -including one man who got his Master's in Business from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Because when I took the video, I was seated behind a few other members of the church -didn't want to get up and move to the other side of the church and right up front as I was afraid that might be too much distraction for Maya and she wouldn't be able to concentrate on the words and the music.

But, if you look on the video, on the left side you will see there is someone seated there with long, brown hair and that is our neighbor's daughter, Katie, who graduated from high school this week. This "Katie" is also the granddaughter of one of my best friends from childhood, Kate, and the man singing a solo part in the song is Katie's grandfather, Kate's husband, Jim.

Oh and another thing too -about the video -the lady playing the flute (seen off to the far right) is our minister, Pastor Carrie Anderson. Gotta give credit where credit is due, ya know.

Seems that Wednesday night when the kids met to practice with the Senior Choir, when it came time for Jim to sing his solo part, Maya looked up at Deb, our other neighbor and the director of the Children's Choir to ask her, "Why is he singing that now?" That created a little amusement for Jim at the time, as well as for Deb!

Also, on the video, seated two pews in front of me and on the right, you will see a lady and perhaps you can make out the man seated next to her. That's a couple -both in their 90s now - Helen and Chet Amick -who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniverary this week. I think this is so incredible to see a couple who have been together that many years! Chet also celebrated is 92nd birthday earlier this week as well so it's been a lot of celebrating for that family!

After church, I greeted Helen and Chet -hugs all around ya know -and commended both of them on the wedding anniversary. Chet's response to my comment about 70 years being a long time andhe laughed, saying "Yes! And all with the same woman too!" Although they do have some health issues, they both manage to attend church frequently and are both very, very positive and upbeat people too!

Another nice thing about today's service was that my son< Clate and his girlfriend, Betty, along with Betty's daughter, Rachel - were also at church today. Kurtis was very well-behaved during church -well, "well-behaved" for him anyway. No, he wasn't sitting still -far from it! He ran back and forth in our pew between Mandy to my left and down to "chat" with Uncle Clate who was seated off to my right -with Maya, Rachel and Betty in between us. I said after church that for all the running back and forth that Kurtis did this morning, he should be all tuckered out and come home now to take a nice big fat nap. So far though, the nap deal hasn't cropped up!

He wasn't altogether quiet either but compared to other times when we've been brave, adventuresome and taken him with us to church, at least today Mandy didn't have to take him out to the narthex because he was being way to noisy and disruptive and that, for Kurtis, is a first.

Baby steps, I know, for him to learn the proper behavior and procedure but at least, one visit at a time, he's slowly learning how he is supposed to act. Maybe one of these days he'll have the "sit still and be quiet" skills all learned and able to put them into action!

One more thing here too -I'd really appreciate it if those of you reading this who believe in the power of prayer would keep three people dealing with cancer and who have a connection to members of our church in prayer. First, there is my former next-door neighbor, Micheal Little, down in northern Virginia. "Uncle Mike" as he is referred to by my kids and me, is not just our friend but his niece, Nanette, is a member of our church. Nanette's brother, Jerry Cartright too is now on our prayer chain as he was recently diagnosed with a nodule on his larnyx which was cancerous. (He is a nephew of "Uncle Mike's" and they are about the same age as well. And last -but sure as heck not least -is Renee Folmar Long -daughter of Betty Larson Folmar and her late husband, Bill. Renee goes back in my life almost as long as do Uncle Mike and Jerry as I've known here since her parents first got her as a foster child back in the late 50s. She was the cutest little girl, so outgoing and friendly and was one of my favorite children back then as I used to babysit for her and her siblings. Yeah, that was a long, looonnngg time ago, I know. But anyway, Renee was recently diagnosed with a very severe form of lung cancer and is now receiving treatment -radiation and chemo both, apparently. So anyway, any extra prayers coming their way I'm sure would be much appreciated by all three of them, as well as their families as they ALL must learn to cope with this disease, the treatments and hopefully, a positive outcome for all three of them.

Sure would be wonderful if someday cancer will be eradicated completely, wouldn't it? I know that if caught early enough many people can be cured and thankfully, I am -so far -in that number. But of course, that also still depends too on the type of cancer involved as well. But it is something that eventually tends to hit all of us -either directly or in our families or with good friends -and it does take a big toll too on all surrounding the individuals involved, for sure.

Now, it's time for me to get started getting the rest of the food ready for our supper this evening. Pastor Carrie will be joining us this evening for a little "cookout" -burgers and hot dogs, of course -along with macaroni salad, baked beans, broccoli and cauliflower salad too that Mandy made and who knows what else we can pull together for our evening meal. Hopefully, Clate and his girlfriend, Betty, will be able to join us too and make it a really good, fun gathering in the back yard.

Kind of a summer kickoff for us then that way too!

Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful weather today, have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead as well!


Keith said...

Sounds like a great Sunday all around for ya there Jeni.

I'll check out the video a bit later because I am actually still at work for another hour.

I really enjoyed the 70th anniversary story. That is awesome that they have reached that milestone. My parents will celebrate their 50th a year from this coming September and I am the oldest child so I get to plan it all.

As for the three dealing with cancer, you know good and well that I pray and I'll be praying for God's Comfort and Healing on them.


Sandee said...

My fathers name was Chester. Everyone called him Chet.

I love the choir piece. Very nice. I love your church too. It's so open looking.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandi McBride said...

I had to go listen to the choir then come back and finish reading Jeni. You did a great job on this, I am impressed. And of course we will put your three friends on our prayer list. I too wish that cancer could be eradicated...everyone I know has been touched by it's long reach. I hope the kids sleep well tonight so that you might get a bit of rest!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

It's always lovely to read a post about proud grandparents! Beautiful Maya, she really is an absolute gem.

CJ xx

Lee said...

Morning Jeni,
We sang that same song at my church's 40th anniversary last December. It's beautiful.

So is the joy of watching a child become familiar and comfortable with God's house. Congratulations to your two.

Prayers ascending for your friends. I've come to hate cancer. Too many people I know have had their lives destroyed by it. Hope your friends are successful in their battle with it.

Peace! & Hope!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I will definitely kep them all in my prayers.