Monday, June 15, 2009

Open Season

My previous post I mentioned an on-going issue here in this little village -with the four-wheelers who run up and down the street in front of our house at all hours of the day and night every weekend from early spring until late fall.

And, I told about how on this past Saturday, when a pack of four-wheelers went flying up the road, and the illegality of this, plus the annoyance the noise makes to those of us who are forced to listen to as these people race and chase, up and down to the bar, back to the woods, and then, back to the bars again.

Did I also mention that we get a lot of motorcycle riders along here too?

Well, we do. And, although riding a motorcycle on this road is far from being illegal as the four-wheeler activity is, they can be just as big a pain in the dupa as are the Atvers.

It was funny though on Saturday and yesterday though because as motorcycle and four-wheeler activity goes, it seemed to take an unexplained nose dive after I made that phone call on Saturday to the State Police.

It was almost as if they had all been eavesdropping outside my house,heard me make that phone call and presto-magic, they became quiet, law-abiding citizens. Yeah, right! I'm sure it was just a fluke that the activity became very subdued but I sure do wish it would hold up that way.

I'm sure by this weekend coming, they will have had time to regroup and come barreling back, louder and stronger than ever too, I suppose.

One thing especially though that worries me with those people -bikers as well as ATV riders, is the helmet issue. Here in Pennsylvania, bikers have a choice as to whether or not they wish to wear a helmet.

Personally, I wish it were the law that they HAVE to wear a helmet at all times, when riding either type of equipment. I know, that's liable to open up a big can of worms to say that but really, if it is the law that we are to wear seatbelts while riding in an automobile and there are a lot more features in a car that can protect the driver and/or passengers, than there are to protect bikers and ATV riders in the event of a crash, why would anyone want to take that added risk of riding without a helmet?

Sorry, but I just don't see how riding with the wind blowing through ones hair, against your face, etc., is so fantastic that one would want to play around and risk a terrible head injury just for that brief thrill.

At the speeds some of these people, bikers especially, go flying down this road, which is not paved all the way down to the trails and such, it would seem to me that when they leave the paved road and hit the gravel and dirt, it would be really easy to lose control of the bike, crash and end up with all kinds of broken bones and especially easy then too for a serious head injury to occur.

Maybe I am wrong. I hope so, really and truly I do. I would hate to hear of someone wrecking and being seriously injured because of the speed they were running the bike and/or because they had no helmet on either.

These thoughts, and worries, cross my mind every time I see and hear a bike racing down this street and I wonder if the rider were in an accident would they maybe end up having to contact the Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney for help after having had an accident?

I know I wouldn't want to have that looming over my head if I were a biker for openers and especially not if riding safer by not speeding or wearing a helmet could possibly have avoided the need to hire someone like that.

And I most certainly would really hate to see someone have to engage an attorney because of a law suit pending from an accident that may have injured one of my grandkids, or someone else along this street who may have just been out for a stroll or a "Sunday" drive type event and ended up colliding with a biker.

I'm not against motorcycle -or Atvs either for that matter -but I really would much rather have them run a bit quieter, operate them at safe speeds for those they might encounter suddenly along the road or for their own safety as well.

Just please, think about your actions before riding these things and make sure you have all your bases covered so that NO ONE ends up injured or worse.

Could we agree to do this now? Please?


Travis said...

Good for you! Sometimes you just have to protect your own rights.

I do like the idea of riding like that, but only in designated areas and while observing proper safety. My stepdad taught me properly.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm with you 100% on helmets, Jeni! I don't want to look at someone's head smashed all over the highway ever ever again...I really think that it should be a national law, helmets! And I'd be calling the State Police whenever the 4 wheelers show up...good for you!

Jocelyn said...

We have the same problem with ATV-ers ruining the peace of hundreds of people who chose, deliberately, to live in the country, outside of town, ostensibly for the quiet.

I look at people on ATVs, in fact, and think, "I'm pretty sure I don't like you, even though I don't know you."

Kanani said...

Good for you. I also think you should write a letter to the city council. I don't like ATV's at all. If those guys had any guts they'd buy horses and learn to ride them.

The Shack said...

I'm totally with ya on this one. I really don't understand why the smallest vehicles on the road have to be the frickin LOUDEST! If my vehicle sounded anything like that it would not pass inspection. As far as the helmet thing goes I really dont understand why people in cars and trucks have to wear seat belts but motorcyclists can go without helmets. Makes no sense at all.