Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth!

I thought I got a fairly decent night's sleep last night -went to bed about3:00 a.m. and woke up a little before 9 this morning. Made coffee, checked e-mail, glanced at Facebook and found I was still really tired -couldn't keep my eyes open, plus my back was aching and so was my upper left arm. The muscle in the arm was sore and I figure I may have slept on that arm -way longer than I normally would -so it was a bit stiff and sore.

My remedy -sit down in the recliner, push it into reclining status, close my eyes and get a bit more shut-eye.

After a little nap in the old chair, when I woke up I felt a bit more civilized, had a little energy and ready to do a few things here then. Mandy is working this afternoon, older daughter and her fiance, plus the older grandson -my Prince Alex -are coming up for supper this evening and I got a roast in the oven to get it partially cooked -will finish it up closer to when supper will actually be served ya know. Dishes done too and I figured okay -I can take a little time now to sit down and do some stuff at the computer before I go clean up the kitchen/dining room a bit. I figured I could probably get by with just a good sweep job -wouldn't have to mop the rooms cause they weren't all that bad.

However, that idea came crashing to a swift halt! All because two small children decided they were going to help me clean! Unfortunately, their version of helping actually increased what I had to do because they got the dishcloths and sponges from the kitchen sink, dumped dishwashing liquid onto those things and began to use them to do their version of cleaning the kitchen floor as well as the woodwork and even expanded their efforts to the glass in the front door too. Nice work, guys. Well not exactly but I know the thought was there, right?

So, I thought if they want to clean, to put them to work on something they could handle -like picking up their toys, their messes in the living room. That effort there lasted oh, maybe 3 minutes tops before the interest level waned to nothing.

From there on out, there was a whole lot of wailing, yes -from them and from me. A good bit of gnashing of the teeth too as I was struggling to keep my voice low- screaming just entices more of the same ya know -and trying to keep them on task. Of course, during any episode where you want to keep Maya on target, she ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom -never fails. Which would be fine if all she did was go in there, do her business and return to the project at hand. That means no stopping to see how the kittens -all 9 of 'em -and their respective Mamas are doing too. And that also means no removing any of the kittens from their respective beds and placing them in the litter box in there either, Maya! Yeah -when I went to check up on her, that's what I found -Chino's four kittens -all of 13 days old, in the litter box! I asked her why she put them in there and she informed me that they wanted to poop. Don't know exactly how she came to that conclusion unless maybe she's able to communicate with them.

So at the rate I'm going here -raking my fingernails (such as they are) over my face, pulling my hair out one strand at a time too -I'm gonna look really very much in need of some good acne face wash -as well as some kind of cream to cover those self-inflicted scratches before this day is over I do believe.

Oh well, I know -this is just another day that I should remember to take pleasure in the fact that these two kids are actually here with me and be happy that they can do the things they do -even when it does mean a bit of extra work, a lot of messes at times too.

All too quickly, they'll be grown and who knows how long I'll be here to enjoy the good days as well as the kind of bad ones with them too, ya know.


terri said...

Well, that had to be slightly frustrating! Hope you were able to get things back in order and enjoy dinner with the family.

Maggie May said...

Nothing like a bit of extra sleep.

NINE KiTTENS....... that is a bit much to handle. Bet they are cute.
word ver. is BUMS I wonder if that means relating to the kittens.

Nuts in May

CiCi said...

Good way to look at it and enjoy your grandkids while they are young. They are such interesting and busy little people. Hugs.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, my...what a day!!! But you have the BEST attitude in the world!!!! You are a WONDERFUL grandmother!!! Hope you got a good night's rest after all that!!!! ~Janine XO

Mrs4444 said...

Glad you got a nice little nap it; clearly, you earn those!!

Deb said...

You are one busy grandma ~ and pet owner ~ I get tired just reading your posts. You are a caregiver to many - please make sure you also take care of YOU !

Diva's Thoughts said...

YOu definitely have the right attitude.

Dianne said...

I'm picturing the dish liquid on the glass door!

but they do mean well
and they love you
and that's all that counts

Logophile said...

Wow, helpful children can be a mixed blessing, hm?

When I've had a short night I'm always sooooo glad to catch a nap, mmmmm,
they feel soooo good.