Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mistaken Identity?

Sometimes I do some stuff that is really ridiculous when I think about it later!

Take this for an example of self-confusing stuff.

I have always been one who loved to read and generally speaking, I think I'm usually a good reader too -fast and able to comprehend new words easily as my vocabulary has always been quite expansive. (One of my closest friends' husband reminded me about that one day when I phoned their house to speak to his wife. When he answered the phone and I asked to talk to his wife one day, and I hadn't identified myself immediately as I normally do, he right away called me by name. Joking, I asked him if he recognized my voice on the phone because of the melodious quality to it and his response was "No, I just know it's you by the big words you always use!"

I've preached to my kids from the time they first began to learn to read, to cultivate good habits pertaining to book, magazines and reading everything and anything, in general. My line to them was always "If you can read, you can take a trip around the world and never leave the comfort and warmth of your living room chair!" And I still say that. What's more, I truly do believe that too.

However, the past several months now, I've noticed some changes in my reading abilities. Almost as if I am becoming dyslexic or something because frequently I have to re-read sentences to get the gist of what is printed there as words seem to move about, out of the proper sequence and order and thus, the sentences often then don't make sense to me right away.

The other day, I came across this sentence in an ad - Type ii high bias cassette at M123  and got myself all confused wondering what the heck this was all about as my mind was reading this as being something about some kind of bias tape!

Now you go figure how I got that screwed up in my reading because I sure can't! But I was seeing the word type and reading it as being tape and thinking the ad was about bias tape -which is a substance I frequently used to use when sewing!

Yes, I can easily screw up corn flakes, can't I?

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Mrs4444 said...

I hate to say it, but I think that just comes with age. Also, when taking in new information, the brain always attaches the unfamiliar to what it's familiar with, so it makes perfect sense that your first thought would be to put bias in a sewing context. :)