Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tell Me Why, Please!!!

I have a question here about writing blogs and it's something I never had occur until fairly recently. Why, when I write a post here, if I am in HTML, and then publish my post, does all my spacings between paragraphs disappear? I thought whether you wrote a post in the Compose feature or the HTML feature, it would automatically post then with the correct spacing between paragraphs. It always used to do that but now, and this really frustrates me very much, if I write using HTML, when I publish the post, it shows up as just one great big paragraph! When did this change or what is it that has made it change anyway. Anyone else have this problem and if so, what do or did you do to get rid of that so it doesn't happen every time I write a post? Hope someone can help me out with that and if you can, then believe me, I will be extremely thankful for that small favor!

See? I just wrote the above in HTML and on my screen when I was typing it, it had spaces between various paragraphs. But when I switched over here to Compose, it showed up as one big fat paragraph.

I write long enough posts much of the time that I really don't need Blogger making my posts all look like they are just one great big fat sentence/paragraph! 


Maggie May said...

I only use HTML for photos & my signature. I usually space between these two and then compose. I find my spaces always come where I want them to & then I put in the words while under *compose*.
Hope you know what I mean.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Mrs4444 said...

In html, there is code that tells Blogger where to put your paragraphs. If you're writing in HTML, it's expecting code to format. Use Compose mode and your problem is solved.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to an old post of yours that is properly formatted with paragraphs and look at it in html mode; you will see
every time there is a break in the text, because that's what happens when you hit the Enter key for a new paragraph. :)