Saturday, November 02, 2013

What's That Light?

The other night when I had Sammy out for his late night stroll, I saw something that tweaked my curiosity and, I admit, at first it kind of unnerved me too.

As I looked down the road, there was something down at the end of the road here that appeared to have way more lights than I'd seen around these parts before and it didn't look quite like the lights were on a vehicle.

Hmmm. What in blazes is that anyway was the question running through my mind then.

And being naturally curious -okay, more than that -downright nosy my kids would probably say -I decided Sam and I needed to change the direction of our walk that night and head down in the direction of those lights just so I could ascertain what they were from!

I took getting pretty much "up close and personal" for me to see -eventually -what the lights were though.

Turns out, they were big, sort of overhead kind of lights on a truck that was hauling a trailer on which the driver had a backhoe type piece of equipment loaded there.

As I had approached, got closer, at first I had thought it was a big truck with a dump trailer until I realized it was just someone loading up the little back hoe that had been used that day in the process of digging a ditch for our neighbors down the street!

Good thing I didn't see that on Halloween night though or I might have gone back inside in a hurry and been thinking those big lights were indicating some aliens from outer space had finally discovered this little village and were here to either take it over or remove parts of the town and leave -taking people and their houses with them!

Funny, isn't it, the things that can enter one's imagination at times!

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