Sunday, November 03, 2013

Just a Little Bit Nippy!

Just got back in the house from taking Sam for our nightly walk and boy, I'm glad I wore my winter coat and wrapped a scarf around my neck too. Definitely needed the gloves or my fingers would have been icebergs for sure.

I don't know what the temperature reading is here tonight and I know it's no where near as low as it's going to be come January and February when we will be most likely be dealing with a lot of sub-zero temps here then, but baby it is pretty nippy out there tonight for early November.

Or maybe in my advancing years -my dotage -I'm just getting soft and my body doesn't handle the cold as easily as it used to do?

I dunno the answer there but I do know that I really hate to be cold and when the wind blows hard, snow swirling all about outside, and the forecaster says to throw another blanket on the bed tonight, I pay attention to those things then because I do tend to get cold faster now than I did just a few years ago.

Last year, I invested in two pair of long-johns to wear under my jeans for days when it's bitter cold and I still have to venture out to see to Sammy's needs. I wear layers of clothes too -long-sleeved turtle necks under heavy knit sweaters plus the long johns under my jeans even in the house to try to stay warm so as to not have to kick the thermostat up another notch and burn more fuel oil than is absolutely necessary too.

But the two parts of my body that bother me the most if/when they get cold are my toes and my nose and I've been giving some very serious consideration to getting apparel for my feet anyway, that would be heavy-duty insulated stuff, like hunters usually wear.

But the nose -that still remains a bit of an issue as to how to keep it from getting like a block of ice even when I'm in the house. Maybe something that would be thermic here would be available for that problem.

As much as I do hate my nose getting really cold -and that also then tends to make my whole body cold then too -I would probably be willing to try just about anything to fend off the frostbite and constant flow from my nostrils then too!

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