Friday, November 01, 2013

I Hate Decisions!

Boy, as if I don't confuse or get rattled about lots of things easily already, now -since I'm back selling good old Avon Products again, and seeing the myriad of things they offer in the parade of new items every campaign now and through Christmas, it really makes my head spin!

I've been trying to pick out a few things I like from each campaign book and stash them back for presents for this one or that one. Now, I have a list that is very long of things in the current and next book that I'm thinking of purchasing too. Way too much stuff and yet, for so many years I had virtually nothing, no extra coins at all, with which to get gifts so it is nice that this year, I can buy at least a few things for the grandkids, great-granddaughter and even my own kids too!

I saw something in one of their special flyers though (the "outlet" books) that they have from time to time that really caught my eye. They have two different little wrist watches on sale at a really, really good price and I'm thinking they might make a great gift -one for Miss Maya and one for Cassidy too.  One is a gingerbread face watch and the other is a peppermint candy face watch. Both very cute, sized that they would fit a child's wrist and affordable to me at the same time. Hmmm. Maybe.....

 Granted these are not Tissot watches as that's still no where near my affordable price range, plus those aren't for small children anyway. But they are really cute and well, looking more and more enticing every day.

Well, I should correct that a bit now maybe as I just realized that now Avon has a "light-up" watch for Princess Sofia too!

Hmmmm. Should I think about that one maybe? Well, I might give it some thought but there is no way I'm going to spring for that plus the Princess Sofia doll too for Kurtis! LOL

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