Monday, November 04, 2013

Getting Ducks in a Row! (Day 4)

This marks the 4th day of my posting things about which I am thankful. Amazing that I have made it even this far along without dropping the blog posting ball because I've become very -no make that EXTREMELY lax for a long time now pertaining to doing posts on my blog.

Putting it bluntly, I'm not sure if the laxity has been from just being somewhat overwhelmed at times with too many things to try to get done simultaneously, or if it is just from the sheer laziness that also overtakes me from time to time.

One of my problem areas though -among many -is trying to work on my embroidery projects as I do very much love doing needlework like that but when I need a whole lot of hours to work on embroidery, I can't read or type/write at the same time, ya know. And trust me when I tell you that embroidery takes a lot of time -a WHOLE LOT of it!

Blogging can take a good chunk of time too -especially if you're trying to just think of something to write about, that can be presented in at least a semi-tactful manner. Now, if I were to constantly overlook the tactful thing there -although there are plenty who think I'm often already way beyond being even slightly tactful in my posts -then perhaps it would be fairly easy to come up with some topics, toss a few ideas into the pot and stir to see what comes to the top.

Definitely wouldn't be like cream rising to the top though, that much you could be assured won't be happening here!

But anyway, enough digression for the moment now.

I've been busy today trying to calculate how many things I need to have done -either to my house, my car, myself -whatever -and how much money I'm going to have to shell out in order for these things to be attended to and done!

I have to get some funds released from my equity fund line of credit to cover the cost of getting the siding finished on the back of the house, get brakes and rotors put on my car, need a new windshield too for my car, get two new storm doors for the front and rear entrances to the house and a new need that cropped up Friday appears to be the expense now of getting a new water line installed to my house. I guess having a water line last 80-90 years without a failure is long enough to have received the money's worth that my grandparents had shelled out way, way back in the really dark ages of the 20s or possibly the 30s when they had a water line to the house installed here!

Now trust me, I'm not happy -not in the least -that I have to get those funds released over to my checking account so I can then get those things done. I don't mind spending money on fun things -like new clothes, furniture that's nice, gifts for the grandkids and even my kids too now and then. But I hate having to shell out what is going to be close to -or seem like -it's a small fortune.

But there are, in the midst of these necessary, even mandatory expenses, something else lurking in there.

Believe it or not, there are things there for which I really am very thankful!

For openers, the work I need done on my car -I'm thankful that my former son-in-law is willing to use his skills as a mechanic to put the brakes and rotors on my car and do it for next to nothing too because it's being done for me. I'm thankful that I can get a new windshield put in my car now so that my car -   hopefully,  will have one less item then that could hinder it getting reinspected come January. The siding has been on hold now for 22 years -yes, 22 years in the waiting to get it done and I'm thankful I found a good, reasonable and also honest, contractor lined up to finally get that finished up and make the house look much better for that effort.

And finally, much as I do hate the idea of having to have my old water line dug up and a new one installed -mainly because it will really deplete my equity line of credit a lot more than I had anticipated spending right now, even so, I am thankful -very, very thankful indeed, that back in June I filled out the papers and started the process of applying for a reverse mortgage because if I hadn't done that, then all these expenditures would be laying there, on my head and crushing me -or making me feel at the least, that I am being crushed right into the ground.

But now, I can feel like I'm a worthy home owner, just trying to get my house out of disarray and into being one that looks a lot more repectable from some of these actions!


Anonymous said...

Boy those *are* some heavy duty money depletions but *thankfully* you have all of those things that need a lit'l TLC, although that old water line, I must admit, would tug on my heart a lit'l.. Something about keeping things original for as long as a person can and I'm guessing 80-90 years is long enough, huh? I look forward to seeing some of your embroidery soon! :)

terri said...

It's never fun having to spend money to have all kinds of repairs done, but I'm glad you've got the resources to do it. It's also very generous of your ex-son in law to help you out with the car repairs. Nice to have someone you can trust to do a good job and do the work for a good price.