Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thank You - Day Two!

I shouldn't say this, I suppose, because my track record for continuity has pretty much been slim to none for a long, long time now, but as I start writing this post, I think this is pretty good for me -the second day now in a row of trying to compose a post about things for which I have to give thanks.

When you are my age, it's pretty difficult to decide exactly what you want to say that makes you thankful because after this many years, there's a really abundant supply of that kind of stuff to write about.

It's just hard to figure out what thing should come ahead of another though!

I'm going to live dangerously here in these posts about giving thanks though and maybe mention things I shouldn't -at least in some people's minds they might feel that way. But these are my thoughts, my remembrances, things I like (or somethings perhaps I really DON'T like as I should too). I am, however, a very sentimental person by nature though so if the things I am thankful to have now or have had in my life offend some, I do apologize. You can always do the same thing too, you know, and share the things that make you thankful too, you see!

Why is that?

Well, it's because it's a free country, you see!

And I am exercising my right to Freedom of Speech -in which I can say whatever I darned well please here because, after all, it is MY Blog, isn't it?

However, before I go any further, let me also say this about this Freedom of Speech thing.

Yes, for the most part, we all do have that right to speak freely, to write or say what we think about this, that or some other thing, event, person, etc., that's only partially true. Well, at least in my book that's the way it is anyway.

I can think, write, talk -whatever I choose -and I can in that respect THINK I can say whatever I want but the catch to that is that whatever we may say or write, etc., can only be considered to be Freedom of Speech as long as what we write, think, say is something that is not a falsehood or exaggeration of a person, time or event, and especially if that thing doesn't cause another person to be harmed or slammed or is not a libelous commentary!

And my thoughts on that are this -I am thankful that, for the most part, I can say whatever I like and having that particular freedom available to me, that I don't abuse that rule of our system.

And when one thinks of how in other countries this type of freedom may never be stated either in public or even, in private, I think Oh My, this really is the possibly more than likely the opposite in that many other governments don't allow anything even remotely close to being this freedom that we all are lucky enough to have been made for use by any of us!

Freedom of Speech then -with tact, I would say -(and yes, I'm still trying very hard to learn how to be tactful) is the best freedom of all within the inner workings of our lives then!

And with that, I leave you with one more thought -to give thanks for that piece of freedom!

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terri said...

I never really think all that much about this freedom. But when you put it in perspective with these blogs we write, I realize how grateful I SHOULD be for the freedom of speech. One of my great joys is writing on my blog and reading those of others.

I love that you've put this kind of thought into your thankfulness posts. So many I've seen on Facebook, though I'm sure they are very sincere, begin like this. Day 1 - thankful for spouse. Day 2 - thankful for children. There is likely to be a pattern to these, and I'd love to see them go deeper like you have.