Monday, December 02, 2013

Gone - But Where?

I have -for many years now -had problems with putting things in places so I would know where I have them and then, promptly forgotten where those places are, what items I put there too.

Yes, it's a frustrating thing to deal with especially when the memory isn't exactly up to the par level it used to be -that's using the assumption there (very liberally) that it was EVER up to a par level to begin with!

Anyway, the latest things to be among the missing items I've been searching all over the house for are a cloth shopping bag that contains the embroider patterns for items/kits I have completed and has any left over floss from those kits in the plastic bag the kit came in. That's been missing for a couple of months apparently but I didn't know it was missing until last week when I went in search of it to locate a tabletopper bag with a whole spool of gold filigree thread in that bag! Yes, that was a very valuable commodity that I really could use that spool of thread now to enable me to complete an identical tabletopper to the one that came in that plastic bag! (I had bought a kit with a nordic Christmas design and it came with a spoon -a fairly large spool -of gold filigree thread in which the whole tabletopper was to be embroidered with that thread. However, at the time, I didn't like the way the thread was difficult to work with so I didn't use it and instead, embroidered that piece all with white floss. However, I had also purchased an identical kit to that -same thread, yes -and recently decided to risk my sanity by doing this other tabletopper using the gold filigree thread. Well there's not enough of the thread to complete the tableopper so I happened to think of the other project bag in which I had the other spool of gold filigree thread that I had opted not to use before and that would solve my dilemma now if I could just find that one stinking bag with those directions and extra, left-over floss in it!)

Now, the next item that has gone missing here is a container holding a whole bunch of cd's -favorites -music by solo artists, by groups, and a whole lot of Christmas music too! I also had another plastic container that held the many and varied tape cassettes I had accumulated and that were still in working order too -also, a lot of Christmas music in that box too!

And of course, neither container can be found!

Today now, the most recent missing items -clothes basket!

Yeah, now where in blazes did they go anyway?

Missing at least 2 baskets -one is white, rectangular, plastic with the handle part on one end of it split and the other is a very nice, sturdy oval shaped wicker basket!

Now how could clothes baskets be hidden anyway?

And trust me -I was not the person who used them last -which was just over the past weekend!!! So don't blame me for putting these baskets in a place where I'll know where I have 'em and have forgotten where that place is because I didn't do that -not this time, anyway!

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terri said...

Hope you find your missing items, especially the Christmas music. I've been playing my Christmas tunes since Thanksgiving. There's also a local radio station that plays all Christmas music for weeks leading up to Christmas.

If you don't find your music, maybe you can try Pandora on your computer. (Do you have speakers?) You can customize your station to the kind of music you like and hopefully hear some of the same stuff you have on tape or CD.