Thursday, October 31, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed......

Yep! That title says it all for me tonight!

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

And you can bet your bottom dollar (or donate it to me and I'll add it to mine and maybe that will give me the winning combination) that I still need more HELP if I'm ever going to hit it big and win the darned Powerball Lottery!

Just keep on trying. Keep on playing too whenever I can.

I'm thinking positive thoughts only that by doing that I'll someday soon pick the right numbers and walk away a very happy camper then.

Just please, wish it could happen very, very soon!

Way too many things being added all the time to this year's products Avon has to offer and that I really would love to buy and give to various family members!

One item in particular they are offering now though is a doll -sells for $25.00 (okay -$24.99 but who's going to quibble over a penny?) and anyway, this doll is a Princess Sofia the First doll.

Seems my grandson -little Kurt, who is now 7-year-old -absolutely loves Princess Sofia the First -according to what Mandy told me when she went to my Christmas Sales meeting a couple of weeks ago.

So I have her now -a demo product for campaign 25 -and Kurt is going to receive that doll now for Christmas. I don't pay a lick of attention to buying toys and stuff for little boys that others will think is crazy maybe or just plain wrong! Who cares if it's a little boy who loves that character and wants that or if it's a little girl?

Sure as heck isn't me!

If he likes that and I'm able to get it for him, why not?

It's definitely not going to change him into something he's not, that's for sure!

And, even if it would, it's just like Seinfeld said "Not that it makes any difference."

Still would love you Kurtis no matter what others say,  think or do!

You'll always be my sweetest little Prince and all little Princes definitely should have their very own Princess too, shouldn't they?

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