Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tell Me Why....

There are a couple burning questions that loom in the back of my mind tonight. I have no answer for them and just was wondering if anyone else can tell me why, exactly, things like this happen.

First off, there is the question about why is it that any time I wear a nice knit shirt, or a blouse or top of some type, most always this happens if the item of clothing is of a light color, one that shows even the very slightest of stains or marks immediately, is also something that it is inevitable if I eat something or take a drink -even from one of the many custom tumblers of which we have a plethora -a tiny dribble will seep out, over my lip and down my front to land right smack dab in the middle of my chest!

It is a never-fail event in my life! And let me tell you this, I am damned sick and tired of it too!

And no matter what it is that drips and lands there, it is also inevitable that it will never, ever come out no matter how many times the item is laundered or dry-cleaned! All of this of course is also dependent too on the occasion to which I have worn this item in public -the more people, the more obvious the stain/mark is going to be!

Murphy's Law? Well, that's what I always blame this on but maybe it is just me and that I am one big clutz.

And here's another little puzzler for you too.

There's my grandson, Kurtis, who is now sporting a big old ace bandage wrapped around his fingers and left hand, clear up to just above his wrist in an effort to keep the little splint thingy in place to protect his finger and the nail that he managed to cut last night with an axe. Yes, an axe in the hands of a 6-year-old -not something I would recommend, for sure, but that's life in the fast lane in this house anyway.

And why is it that this particular bandage, although he has been told, over and over and OVER again all day today to please leave the bandage alone, don't be messing with it, don't be fingering it to death, don't be pushing on it and making it come undone, still he insists on doing all of the above so that it has now been rewrapped on his hand and arm several times now today and this is only day one out of the ten days he must keep this injury wrapped up like this!

I should really be used to these things by now but guess I either have very high expectations or am a really slow learner in the field of reality!


terri said...

I'm sorry. Frustrations are running high for you right now.

As for the spills... I always have a Shout Stain Stick on hand and it helps.

Poor Kurtis. I'm sure he just can't help himself picking at that bandage. Hopefully he'll grow bored of it soon, or you can find some kind of incentive to dangle in front of him to keep him from messing with it until it's time to come off.

Suldog said...

Have you ever heard McCarthy's commentary on Murphy? Here it is:

"Murphy was an optimist."

Yes, it happens that way because, well, just because. I mean, why does the toast that we drop always land buttered side down? Same reason. God has a sense of humor. And until we learn to laugh at the same things that tickle Him, we're going to be the joke!

Hugs, Jeni. And wear darker colors.