Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Couple for the Book...

At various times since I started writing this blog, people have suggested to me that I compile the funny things that my grandkids -Maya and Kurt -have said and/or done over time. And yes, as some of you may recall, they have done some pretty comical things now and again.

Well, I meant to put this up here last week right after it happened but then, got busy doing something else I guess and I forgot about it. But then tonight, Mandy told me another crazy, zany thing that was said by Maya today in the waiting room at the kids' therapists' office and I thought no time like the present to post both these things tonight then.

Last Thursday evening, Maya and Kurt were in my bedroom watching TV together. It must have been some program that they both agreed to like it and not pick any fights while watching it together, as they were being well-behaved and nice, also quiet, around each other. (A rare entity here much of the time for that to happen!)

Well anyway, all of a sudden Kurt emerged into the dining room and announced to Mandy -while pulling his little "wife-beater" style undershirt out and away from his body this gem. "Nope. Don't have any chest hairs!"

And after announcing that -totally out of the blue, ya know -he disappeared back into my room and back to watching whatever show they had on my TV at that point in time!

And Mandy and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and wondered just where in blazes that announcement came from!

But today, this comment by Maya today, really takes the cake, I think.

Mandy and both kids along with their oldest half-sister, Katie, were all together, seated in a very packed waiting room until their Therapist (Miss Randi) was free and ready to see them today.

Maya got up and looked straight at Katie (who is about 3 1/2 months pregnant now) and said to her in her most authoritarian voice too,

"So Katie! Just when is your due date for that baby in your belly that you are going to give birth to gonna be born anyway?"

Don't dare tell me you'd have been able to keep a straight face if a kid her age asked that in a crowded waiting room now too!!!

Gotta love the things they come out with though, don't 'cha?

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terri said...

Those grandkids of yours sure do pull some funny sayings out of their hats! Maya's question about Katie's due date really does take the cake. Our local newspaper has a daily "Bulletin Board" where people can submit thoughts and funny stories and often, a theme develops. Maya's question would make a great contribution to the Bulletin Board under the ongoing heading of "Department of Redundancy Department."