Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boo-Boos and Gram's Brave Little Boy!

After today's event's, my daughter Mandy and my niece have decided that Monday the 13th must have replaced Friday the 13th as a day for bad luck.

This afternoon -about 5 p.m. -I was out messing around in my lovely little garden, pulling some weeds and checking to see how many acorn squash we can expect to harvest soon. Maya and Kurtis were also out in the backyard playing. Maya was in the middle of the yard and Kurt was over by the swing set when Maya called out to me saying "Gram, Kurtis has the axe!"

What the heck? Where did the axe come from anyway? The last I heard anything about the axe was last week when Maya had taken it away from the kids after they had inadvertently gotten a hold of it and she had put it in the shed behind the house.

So I yelled over at Kurt to put the darned thing down and before I could get myself out of the garden, here comes Kurtis walking across the yard towards me, crying and holding his hand!

As I got closer to him I could see the blood running down his arm and hurried him into the house, into the kitchen, yelling the whole way in there for Mandy to hurry and come out too.

She took one look at his hand and got him by the sink and started to run cold water over his hand -and we could see that he had a cut on his left index finger then.

How on earth could this have happened and so darned quickly too?

Mandy grabbed a dish cloth and got it wrapped around his finger, all the while telling him to hold that on there tightly, trying to question Maya simultaneously as to what had happened and also, trying to soothe Kurt and get him calmed down a bit.

Within a couple of minutes though Mandy had grabbed her purse and hustled Kurtis out the door and off they went then to the Emergency Room to get the finger checked out.

About four hours later, they finally got back home and Kurtis was sporting a big fat bandage around his left hand -with only the thumb and the tips of his ring finger and pinky barely showing.

Mandy was telling me the events of the emergency room visit and that he only had to have one stitch placed in the finger -right by the nail -and that he is going to loose the fingernail as this heals though.

She also said that he was remarkably calm throughout the whole procedure -from the nurse and doctors poking and prodding him along with getting the finger x-rayed too. She said she thought she was going to pass out when they stuck the needle in around the cut and the nail to inject the novacaine to numb the injury so they could stitch it but Kurtis didn't even flinch!

Just goes to show what a brave little guy he really is, doesn't it?

We still don't know exactly how he managed to get this cut -he keeps saying Maya did it and of course, she denies up one side and down the other that she didn't do anything wrong. And I'll be darned if I can figure out what happened either as it all took place in a matter of about 20-30 seconds!

From where Maya was standing when she told me Kurtis had the axe in his hands till he started walking towards me, holding the hand, I can't see how she could possibly have gotten over to him in that short a time span and hit his finger with the axe so I'm inclined to think perhaps she really is innocent of his accusations.

But then too, Maya also frequently does have a proclivity to blame Kurtis for EVERYTHING imaginable bad thing that happens around here and of course, she is always little miss innocent all the time too.

And here's a little picture to show Kurt['s injury in all its shining glory.

Really makes me very proud of him though for being so brave at the Emergency Room. Sure is a lot different reaction from what some of my kids would have had if they'd had to have stitches at his age.

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terri said...

Boy does that bring back memories of a couple of emergency room visits with my own kids. Each one of them ended up there at one time or another for various reasons, ranging from a dislocated elbow, to a cut on the forehead (that was super-glued instead of stitched!) and a burn.

I guess most kids end up figuring out too late what their limits are and end up needing some medical attention. I'm glad to hear Kurtis' injury wasn't more serious.