Sunday, August 12, 2012

Take This Room

Remember that old song quite a few years back now -"Take this job and shove it?" Right now, I'm thinking I'd like to take that song and make a few revisions to it to make it "Take this room and shove it!"

My bedroom, as this divided area of what used to be for many years here a "sunporch", is -just for starters, very, very small. Too small, really is the problem but it is what it is and not much can be done about that for me.

Unless of course, I should happen to hit the lottery and then I'd have my own private little "Idaho" as it were, built on to the house complete with a small bathroom of my own and a bedroom big enough to allow me the luxury I need in that room.

That luxury would entail enough space to fit in there my most prized possessions along with, of course, the standard prerequisite of my bed.

It would have a big -really, really big as in humungous -closet where I could actually hang all my clothes that should be on hangers -including my jackets and winter coats there too!

It would have enough space for me to have my sewing machine, computer AND my late aunt's Hammond Organ there too. And, be sound proof so that if I wanted and could play the organ, I could do that without disrupting the entire household!

Yeah, that's all a lot of wishful thinking too I know because the odds of my winning the lottery are slim to none -mainly because I do understand the principle there that to win, one needs to invest and play. Right?

So in the meantime, I'm stuck -probably forever I guess -with this really small room and it is filled to the gills with various shelving units, a dresser, two not too large chests and several plastic storage bins containing things of value to me, like lots and lots of pieces of fabric, waiting for me to find a pattern to use to make things from that stuff along with a bin that has nothing but yarn in it, a few that also contain many of the embroidery kits I have too that are waiting, patiently, for me to find the time to work on them and get some tabletoppers or table cloths or pillowcases or whatever else you can think of that involves embroidery work done up!

Actually, I'm thinking my room really has the makings of being featured at some time in the future as the room of a mini-hoarding type residing here!

As long as I keep the stuff fairly well contained in this one little room though and it doesn't spill out too much into the rest of the house, I think I'm safe and won't be on a tv show for a long, long time then!

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