Monday, August 13, 2012

Handy-Dandy Emergency Help!

Every now and again, things happen around here -between me and my kids -and Mom sometimes just happens to have things that one of my kids has a need for from time to time.

Usually, these are things that I don't even know that they exist, much less that I have something here either, but when stuff comes up and it turns out Mom has something they need, they're really happy to locate it here because -well, of course -because it's free then!

Take my son, for a good example! (Sometimes, some of the things he needs or gets himself involved in, I almost wish someone would take him, not really, I still love him and would want to keep him around as long as possible. So don't take that comment seriously there.)

Anyway, he has a fixation -big time -for cars, old cars and also, old pickup trucks too. Car-wise, his affections generally are for old -very old volkswagons -and he (as well as my younger daughter, Mandy too) can spy an old junked Volkswagon, parked a half mile away from the main highway, in a field of high, very overgrown weeds! Yes, I swear they both are that good at seeing old vehicles that interest them. It's gotta be a genetic trait because their Dad could always spot things like that from a great distance too!

So Sonny boy, in his work travels -he drives a tractor-trailer for a living, ya know -spied this old Volkswagon sitting along the highway someplace out in eastern Pennsylvania a few weeks back and eventually managed to locate the owner of said VW too. Lo and behold the car was for sale. Not only that, but the guy selling it was looking for a decent older pickup truck -body wise, decent, that is -not necessarily ace running condition but one that he would be able to get it fixed up and runable, you see.

So this guy and my son talked things over a bit and reached an agreement whereby they would swap vehicles -Clate would trade a pickup he purchased last fall which was supposed to be his "winter work vehicle" as soon as he did some work to get it runable but, of course, he never had the time or the money to get that job accomplished. But this VW in exchange for that pickup truck -well that was a deal made in heaven as far as Sonny Boy was concerned!

So he and the other guy made arrangements to trade up with Clate getting the VW and the other guy getting Clate's semi-operational pickup truck.

Seemed like a match made in heaven that is until Clate realized he had to figure out a way to take the pickup truck over to eastern Pennsylvania and then, transport the VW back home here.

To do that, he needed a trailer type apparatus that he could load the truck onto and then tow that there, drop of the truck and load the VW on to the trailer and bring it back. But what was he going to use to tow this with?

That's where Mom and her old Jeep came in handy as it just so happened that Clate's old jeep doesn't have one thing my Jeep has!

And what exactly would that be? Well, it's a curt trailer hitch that's what it would be!

Seems whoever had been the previous owner of my old jeep had used it for towing things and lo and behold, there at the back bumper was this handy-dandy little old trailer hitch!

So, the day that was pre-arranged for the big car-truck swap was now scheduled and Sonny Boy borrowed Mom's jeep to go make his little pea-pickin' heart very happy as he then became the owner of a lovely orange Volkswagon beetle. Which of course needs a bit of work done to it but that's okay!

Now all he needs to do is find the money to do the repairs and then, the time needed to make them too!

Yeah, it will be awhile, for sure, before this gem becomes road worthy!

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terri said...

Seems like he's won half the battle. He managed to complete the swap. Now finding time and money for his hobby? That's a battle I think most of us fight.