Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Plan Ahead and Buy in Multiples!

So tonight my son, in one of his finer moments of postings on Facebook wrote a comment pertaining to his thoughts on how so many men refer to the woman in their life as "the old lady" and he said he thinks if more men refrained from referring to their special lady as that, perhaps more men would actually then be able to spend a long time with said person until perhaps she actually does become an "old lady."

I had to chuckle when I read his comment there and posted back to him that I wanted to know where or how he had acquired the wisdom to make that statement. Initially, he attributed it to some song -which is where he gets a lot of his sage sayings at times, but anyway, I posted back that I definitely could state where he didn't get that wisdom and that it didn't come to him by way of Nevada. He knew I was referring back to his Dad -who by the way, I have to admit often did refer to me as "the old lady" long before I actually became the "old person" I am today. Imagine that, huh?

So I read the posts to Mandy which then led to us making some wise cracks about that certain male figure of their lives and I made a comment about him not being all that bright about women apparently since he is now on Wife number 5 (and not always really impressed with this particular "old lady" either from things he says.

That then led to someone making a comment that as many times as he's been married now, he should have bought up mens-wedding-bands in multiples and perhaps he could have gotten a discounted price on them that way.

Yes, I know -we are an evil bunch here, aren't we?

Honest, but still, more than a tad on the evil side you could safely say!


terri said...

Well... when you've got such a person in your life, sometimes humor is the best way to deal with them. And your bunch seems to have humor in abundance.

CiCi said...

It is different being called "the old lady" and then becoming an old lady, isn't it? I am a senior, an old lady myself, but as far as I know no one called me "the old lady". Personally, I don't even care for "the better half". Since I am no longer married, am not anyone's girlfriend, or seeing anyone, I am not called much of anything, and I like it just fine. Ha. I do enjoy reading the shenanigans in your family.