Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rings and Things

There's going to be some excitement in the family a few months down the road, it seems. A new addition on the way that will change a lot of things for Maya and Kurtis as they are going to be getting new designations with their names!

Maya will be come "Aunt Maya" and Kurtis, hard to believe, will be "Uncle Kurtis!"

And Mandy will be a young Grandma while I will be an honorary Great-Grandma then too!

Mandy's stepdaughter is going to have a baby so the excitement is already running high with Mandy and yes, I confess I am looking forward to this event too. Maya and Kurtis are happy about this but they don't -neither of them -fully understand what all this entails either though.

No, there's been no wedding and for that matter, there's not even been talk of one as yet.

Heck, there's not even been a ring discussed nor even a little peeking around, window shopping if you will, to look at some kind of rings!

But no matter there as we all know things -and young people -today operate considerably differently from the ways of days long gone by, don't they?

When I was growing up, the old saying then was "All babies take nine months, except the first one and it can come anytime!" Having a baby back then and not being married was still pretty much frowned upon.

Today though -and I am not advocating for this - but I do believe if that is the worst thing that a woman does, then she's not done bad after all!

Let's face it, generally speaking, children are usually better off being born into a two-parent family! Usually, but not always, that is the way that is supposed to work.

And, I'm not looking at this from the stance that whether or not Mandy's stepdaughter marries the father or not, that life will be a piece of cake because raising a child is work and darned difficult much of the time too, especially if one has to go it alone!

But the nice thing -regardless of the marital outcome -is that Mandy and I both like the young man who is the father-to-be as he seems to be a nice guy and treats Kate with care and respect. Just so things stay that way but that too isn't something that is a guaranteed thing either, ya know!

So, for now, I'm gonna start checking out some baby patterns for knitted sweaters and maybe even some booties and probably some crochet patterns to make a baby blanket -or maybe even two or more of those things! Who knows? I like to make things like that and this will afford me a big opportunity as I see that for being in my future too!

So, ring or no ring, she knows that Mandy and I will both help her any way we can and the kids will look forward then to having a niece or nephew around thereafter then too!

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terri said...

I wish Kate all the best. It's still tough to have a baby so young in life, but there are more resources these days than ever before and she obviously has a loving family to support her and help out in any way they can.

Ohhhh a new baby! Can't wait to see pictures!