Monday, August 27, 2012

And, That's The Truth!

Just a little rambling today (not that "rambling" on my part is anything new, as it's probably what I do the best), but anyway, it is what it is.

Right now, I'm gearing up for a depressing day and probably several days ahead too that are going to suck swampwater. Why? Well, I'm in search of a "reasonably" priced battery for my old jeep and also, have to make another call to a mechanic around here to price out either getting a new starter for the jeep or maybe, a rebuilt one. Either way, gonna put my checkbook right on the brink of bankruptcy or something equally atrocious, ya know.

And regardless of the price of the battery and starter -and I suppose I need to throw in the need for a new tire rim while I'm at it -it's gonna depress the hell out of me for a while. Really is pushing on my mind the need to get some kind of part-time job somewhere, someplace but what?

Now that's the big question there and one for which I have no ideas whatsoever as to what services I would be capable of performing for a couple bucks an hour or so. Any suggestions for anything that doesn't require heavy lifting or other strenuous work that an old, degenerating female could perform, would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about the only alternative employment for one like me -Walmart Greeter -as long as the shifts don't run longer than a four hour stretch I think I might be able to handle that.

Now, if only I had the physical aptitude of my little grandson, Kurtis. He was just doing one of his normal pacing/jogging routines that he does regularly (or so it seems) between the living room and the kitchen. Then, he parked his little but on the radiator behind my computer chair and announced to me that he "Thinks he has enough energy now to go ride his bike!"

Sheesh! If I had just trotted across the floor the way he did, several times, my energy would be completely and totally already all expended! Must be nice to run like that to GET energy, don't 'cha think?

This morning, the grandson had to go with his Mom, up to the school, so he could meet Mr. McClelland, who will be serving as Kurt's first grade teacher this year. Maya had this man for first grade too and she loved him! (So did Mandy and I for that matter as Maya enjoyed his classes and did very well under his supervision.) Kurtis didn't pelt the guy with oodles of questions of what to expect in his classes the way Maya did two years ago when she first met him. No worry about Kurtis asking the teacher if they would be studying fractions in the math classes (like Maya had done) because fractions are probably the furthest thing from Kurt's mind. Mandy said when she asked Kurt if he had any questions for Mr. McClelland that Kurtis launched into a little story about how his Dad wrecked his truck and broke his nose so you know his mind is anywhere but on school work, don't 'cha? Plus that happened back in April of this year so it isn't like it is a "current event" happening either.

Yesterday, at church, there was a little humor that passed between Mandy and Kurtis. Apparently he wasn't behaving quite the way she expected of him and she reprimanded him a bit. After which, he turned and told her "You are ruining my life!" Boy, I had no idea things were any where near that dire for him!

Saturday morning, he got up and began to "trash" Maya's bedroom. The kids' older sister, Katie, had spent the night here with us and she said the noise he was making as he dumped toys all over the floor in Maya's room is what woke her up. When Kurtis came downstairs, I informed him that he was going to have to go back upstairs and clean up the mess he'd made in Maya's room. He turned tail and headed back upstairs without a word of complaint to me. But about a half-hour to 45 minutes later he returned downstairs, holding his right hand to his forehead and he informed me that "My brain hurts, Gram. It's giving me a headache!"

Now I ask you, how's that for a medical excuse to use to try to get out of cleaning your sister's bedroom, anyway? As excuses go, I thought it was one of the best I'd heard in a long time however, it just wasn't quite good enough to get him out of the clean-up detail. When I informed him that he still had to clean up the mess, it was a very hurt, crying little boy who went back upstairs to finish the job. Katie reported a bit later that he had actually done a pretty decent job of cleaning up his mess -which is way more than we could say about his sister and her work orientedness, which is virtually non-existent!

Friday, I got all the name tags completed -each with a photo of each classmate attending our class reunion! I have a file on my computer with copies of all the graduation pictures of every last one of my classmates that I copied from our yearbook five years ago when I did up a posterboard of a collage of photos of our classmates so I used that file to copy over (using good old Publisher) pictures of those who have made reservations to attend our class reunion next weekend -the 8th of September.
Doesn't seem possible the time has gone by so quickly for this event to now be just around the corner. Seems like it was just yesterday that we began planning this thing.

Oh heck, who am I trying to kid here. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were graduating and not 50 years ago?

Sometimes, it just doesn't seem possible it's been that many years, ya know!

It's just flown by -like a dream -or at times, had a tinge of nightmare to it too though.

And that's the truth!

Better days ahead for the next 50? How's that for optimism anyway?

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Maggie May said...

Oh dear..... these things happen when its least convenient.
You are a good cook. Could you not make a bob or two doing some cookery for someone?
Just an idea.
Maggie X

Nuts in May