Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tick Tock, Tic Talk!

Up early this morning, had to shower, get dressed, do something with the hair so I wasn't going out in public looking exactly like the "Wild woman of Borneo" or some other such bad hair-do day to go with Mandy up to the school for the IEP meetings with the Speech Teacher, the Occupational Therapist, the Director of the Special Ed Program and the teacher for each kid too. Just to get things talked out and agreed upon then as to what services each kid would receive next year and what special services would continue particularly for Kurtis.

It was nice for me to hear the good things (as well as the bad things too) about each one of the Grandkids, for sure. Maya's report was filled with praise along with information as to her grades and she doesn't have a grade under 95, if I remember correctly -could be 93, but I think it was 95. Kurt doesn't get grades per se yet -just in kindergarten this year, ya know -but his reports were very good too in that he has met all the goals his therapists had outlined for him last year! They even complimented him on his reading prowess too, stating his skills have improved tremendously and he's reading at a very good solid rate for his age, grade, etc.

So, after that, since Mandy claimed she was near to starvation, we stopped in at "The Pumpkin" -the nickname for a little diner just down the road from the school that is actually named the West Branch Dairy Diner -and had lunch there. I like to eat there whenever we can for a variety of reasons. One, the woman who owns/runs the place is from down home here, very nice lady, probably about 10 years my junior I'd guess, and I know her husband too from years of waitressing around this area at various truckstops. The food there isn't fancy, but it's usually pretty good and the prices are very reasonable as well. I know one thing today I totally enjoyed the grilled cheese steak sandwich with the side dish of potato salad -which is kind of surprising for me as I'm not normally that big a fan of potato salad but theirs today really hit the right spot apparently.

Got home, got the computer stuff cleared out -Facebook and e-mail anyway -and dishes washed up too. I also went out back and scrubbed down the deck, after cleaning up a huge mess there from a garbage bag that had been put out about 3 nights ago or so and some animal had gotten into it, chewing the bag open, almost to shreds, and garbage of all kinds strewn then across the deck. I don't know if this was a wild animal that did that or it could have been one of two stray cats I've seen around here a couple of times too.

After that, I ventured down the back yard to my veggie garden area where both rows of onions I planted are now coming up very nicely as is the row of leaf lettuce and two rows of green beans too. I also planted some yellow squash, some acorn squash and cucumbers but I don't know which is which of what it coming up there because I can't remember now in what order I had sown those items and when they first begin to pop through the soil, I am not that experienced at vegetable garden as to identify each type of plant that early. But it does make me very happy to see that all the items I planted are starting to grow -for a change -and that's progress for me, isn't it?

After weeding there a bit and getting some of that stuff cleaned out of the garden -and making my back and legs ache a good bit too -my system kept trying to tell me I should go in and take a little power nap but the dog was antsy as all get out and I figured he probably was really in need of going for a nice walk so the nap got put on hold and Sam and I added another mile to my walking mileage chart for this week!

Today, we just took a nice stroll down the road -only about a mile down and back -and though Sam likes to romp around in the leaves and high grass along the road and such, I don't veer off the roadway because that's really inviting little visitors to land on a person and take a hitchhiking ride into one's house. I've actually been very lucky in that in my entire lifetime I've only seen a tic up close and personal on myself one time -and that was either last summer or maybe even two summers ago!

Well, that is until today that is! On our way back to the house, I happened to catch a glimpse of something on my tee shirt and on second glance, I realized the little black thing there was actually a tic! Boy, that hand came into action really fast as I brushed that thing away! EWWWWW! I hate most all kinds of bugs and such but tics and spiders are the highest on my nemesis list.

I figure that little old tic just landed where it did because it probably looked to be a nice big old soft yet firm foam mattress. After all, as my kids like to harass me because no matter what I do, if I am wearing something that will stain easily or is of a very light color and I need to keep my appearance at least semi-neat, you can bet your bottom dollar I will spill something and that drop or blob -whatever size it may be -will land right squarely in the middle of the upper part of my chest! Never fails! Of course, my older daughter says if I didn't have a shelf there ready and waiting that might not happen. I doubt that though!

But with this little old tic, he really didn't have any place else -or anything bigger (or maybe even better) to pick from so there he was resting way too nicely atop my right one! (You guess what that "one" is now. Ha ha!)

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