Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Playwright!

Earlier this evening, as I was passing through the dining room, I noticed Maya was bent over the table with a bunch of papers and writing something. Knowing she had finished her homework (reading) for the day, I asked her what she was doing there. Her answer was "I'm writing my play!"

Well, okay now! Nothing like setting you goals in life early, is there?

So I looked at one of the pages and seeing where she had this printed "Cariter" and not being able to figure out what the heck that was, I asked her to read that word for me. She promptly informed me it says "Character" and I promptly informed her too that she sort of had that spelled incorrectly.

When Mandy and I were talking a bit later, I told her that Maya is writing a play and that these papers on the dining room table were her work thus far. Needless to say, we both got a big chuckle out of the whole thing and Mandy said I had to scan these and then write about them so here they are -the early works of Maya K. Wagner.

The names of the actors in this play are as follows:
    Dawn Bubba-Smith -that would be the name of Kurt's TSS (except that her surname is not "Bubba-Smith" and I have no clue where she got that from!
    Brittany Gonder -well that's the name of Maya's TSS.
   Kurtis Wagner - Maya's little brother.
   Maya Wagner -of course, our little playwright.

Now, I realize reading these scripts and not being familiar with her penmanship, etc., I will try here to translate each person's roles as she has them written.

* The word "cariter" on each script blurb is Maya's way of spelling "Character."

Name: Dawn Bubba-Smith - Cariter: Paleontoloquist. Songs: Get those fossils. Dritcet the Dinos. Run Away/Finale. Dino World/ Bows. Team Dino.
Lines: Kill all the dinos.

Next role.
Name: Brittany Gonder. Cariter: Stegosaurus. Songs: Dino World. Help T-Rex. Run Away. Kill T-Rex. Team Dino. How we were made. Help us not be extnked. Run Away/Finale. Dino World/Bows.
Lines: Go team Go.

Name: Kurtis Wagner. Cariter: T-Rex. Songs: Dino World. How we were made. Help us not be extinked. Run awa/Finale. Dino World/Bows. Team Dino
Lines: Help me they are killing me help.

Name: Maya Wagner. Caricter: Pteranodon. Songs: Dino World, Help T-Rex, Run Away. Kill T-Rex. how we were made. Help us not be extinked. Run Away/Finale. Dino World/Bows. Team Dino.
Lines: On it Sr. Branchio. I am Pteranodon not a dragon. Go dinos go. Attack T-Rex Now.

I typed these parts and lines, instructions just as Maya has them written down -if the spelling is right, that's fantastic! And in some cases I left her spelling alone -just to give the full effect. If you haven't figured it out yet, her word "extnked" is as she printed it and I think she means "extinct" there if I'm not mistaken.

One thing though I realized while reading this and typing this up is that she apparently is writing a musical and it worries me now if that is the case, we may need to consider getting Schecter Guitars so she can learn to play and do her own accompaniment that way too I suppose!

But I would imagine when the money comes rolling in from her brilliant works, that will all be paid for out of the profits.



terri said...

Miss Maya's got quite a vivid and detailed imagination! I'm impressed!

Travis Cody said...

Wow. There seems to be a fully realized idea in there. Cool.