Friday, May 18, 2012

Plans, and More Plans

Well, things did settle down here a bit after we made it through the special anniversary service and dinner at our church on May 6th. And what a good relief that was too! The service was so nice and the dinner was -as or dinners always do seem to be -outstanding too. So that was a really good thing and yes, a big relief for me.

Now, I'm in the middle of working with a few of my high school classmates as we are trying to get things all lined up, in order, for our big celebration come September.

We're planning a class reunion in honor of the occasion that this spring marks 50 years -yes the big 50 -since we left high school and made our way out into the working world!

So far, we have the hall reserved for September 8th and have managed to track down everyone who graduated with us complete with current addresses, e-mail addresses where we could get them along with phone numbers too.

And I have personally called all but I think 2 classmates who live away from this area to get a bead on whether the person would be interested in coming back home that weekend for this reunion. Out of 30-plus classmates I called, all but two said they would be interested and willing to make the journey back home for that occasion!

Our class -for this area and that era -was considered large in that at our school, there were 60 of us who started out together for our senior year. Today, 8 of those classmates are now deceased though but of the remaining 52 members of our class, we have over 40 who have thus far responded in a positive way to our inquiry about attending a class reunion.

Of course, come mid-August, when they have to have returned their RSVP form and sent their money for the dinner, that number may dwindle down a bit but I'm hoping it still stays pretty high so we have a record-breaking turnout then.

Believe me though, once I get through all the stuff we have in the works for this event, I am definitely gonna feel like I sure would like to go and enjoy a nice trip to some >vacation homes in Kissimmee FL.
I'll probably just have to make do with a nice ride out to Black Moshannon State Park which is about 10 miles from here, but either way, either place, will make for a nice respite after the reunion has become a thing of the past too.

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Maggie May said...

You do seem to be busy. Glad the reunion went well and hope that the August school reunion will be equally as good.
I have lost contact with all but one friend from school and she lives in USA!
Maggie X

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