Monday, May 21, 2012

A bit of a Chill

Yesterday, the weather here was absolutely beautiful! Friday evening and Saturday weren't bad either, come to think of it. Although, Sunday was nicer in that it was a tad warmer.

Although I don't like the really, really hot weather -well, to be more specific, I don't like it when it is very warm but also, very humid, because then, everything seems to just stick to you, doesn't it? But yesterday -well, that was very nice because it was low humidity with just the right amount of sunshine -warm but not scorching, ya know.

Today now, we're back to the not so pretty kind of weather. Not raining now although we had a tiny bit of rain earlier, but it's gray and a bit on the dreary-looking side, ya know.

One thing it is not however is WARM! Granted, it's not freezing either outside but it's not warm. And it certainly is not so warm that there is a need to have the darned overhead ceiling fan in the living room running!

A certain party here left the house and left the ceiling fan turned out -for whatever reason, I really am not sure but I will say this, when my toes and my nose both get a bit chilled, I am really not very comfortable with that feeling.

Turn off the fan, you say! And I say, I would if I could but right now, I can't so I shan't! And why is that? Well because for me to reach the darned chain to turn the fan off, I need a step ladder and I am not always that well-balanced to use step ladders so I have to sit here either in the dark because I have turned off not just the fan but also the light, or I wait till that certain party returns home and pulls the doggone fan chain to the off position for me!

But then too, there is another solution which we could possibly indulge in and that would be if we got a remote hookup like what I saw at ceiling fans from There's a little remote thing you can have wired right in and it's not even expensive either!

And I could just sit here and surf, type, look at photos, read Facebook, my reader, in complete comfort simply by flicking the lovely little remote control unit!

Oh, the things one learns, huh? I had no idea you could do stuff like that!

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terri said...

Your weather patterns sound a lot like what we've been having. Friday and Saturday were in the upper 80s, maybe even lower 90s. Saturday was windy and very humid with lots of sun. Then comes Sunday with gray skies and rain and a major chill! Air conditioning one day, and off again the next!