Friday, May 25, 2012

The Social Room!

Mandy's always planning ahead for some event or another and right now, one of the things on her mind is her brother's 39th birthday coming up in August this year. It will also mark her nephew -my older grandson, Alex's 15th birthday too -three days before Clate's so we usually try to have a combined family party then for the two of them at the same time.

One of the things Mandy has mentioned to me that she thinks one of us should consider getting for Clate is something she says he definitely needs in the "Social Room" at his house. (The Social Room is the area that I think used to be the dining room in years long past for the family that previously owned this old house but Clate has transformed it into a bar! He has a really nice bar built in there, along with a big old refrigerator that holds a half a keg of beer -nice, for when you want to relax and have a good cold brew of draft beer. (Nothing much better than that, at times, is there?) He also has his stereo system built into the wall behind the bar which is nice but would be nicer if it were working at 100% right now and Mandy thinks he also needs an audio rack there too so he could better keep track of his cds and such.

I picked up on the vibes she was trying to be so subtle about in that respect and I gather now that is what she thinks I should get him -or that she and I maybe should consider getting him for his birthday.

Okay -it's a nice idea, I'll grant you that and, unless she discovers something else between now and August 22nd that she likes better, it will probably make the gift list for him then.

But you can also bet your bottom dollar even if we (or I) get him that, between now and then, she'll also be on a major search and destroy type mission looking for something else to get him along the lines of a gag gift or two as well.

It does make for a lot more fun when his birthday rolls around because of that and makes the Social Room really quite the fun place to be then!


Linda said...

So she wants you to held furnish the "man cave", eh? It's nice that she's thinking of her brother though!

CiCi said...

Sounds like the better equipped the social room gets, it will benefit the whole family and lots of friends. Are you all going to gather there for Memorial Day?

Maggie May said...

Like the idea of a *social room*.
I have a lovely front room (lounge) with comfortable seating yet everyone likes to cram themselves into the back *social* room! So I guess thats just what it is.
Maggie X

Nuts in May