Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, the Beauty!

Yesterday, I had to take some stuff up to my friend, Kate's house and this time I thought to take my camera with me.

I was just up there about 2 days or so before and thought about my camera when I left that I wished I had brought it along because the flowers in the front of Kate's house are now in full bloom and trust me when I tell you this, but they are simply gorgeous!

Don't believe me?

Here's some pictures I took yesterday of two of the bushes in front of Kate's porch, plus some pictures I took of some floral blooms at the house next door to hers too!

Now be honest, but aren't those just some gorgeous blossoms and a fantastic color too of one of the Rhodedendron bushes in front of her porch?

I have to confess though that this little visitor to one of those blossoms was the only drawback I could see there! And let me tell you, the bumblebees were humming all over the place around this bush and the one adjacent to it too -which I neglected to get a shot of it! (A subject for another camera shoot, maybe?)

Now, maybe you can check out these blooms and tell me what kind of plant this is? Kate and I discussed it earlier and neither of us was sure what kind of floral item this is. I walked over to that house and took some pictures of this plant, but still am not sure if it too is another type of rhodedendron or some other plant. But, from the road in front of that house, they are absolutely breathtaking -more so than when looking at them up close and personal maybe.

The flower on this bush looks a bit like a honeysuckle but with very, very little pinkish tinge to it. The leaves do look a lot like it may be rhodedendron but, I'm just not sure there!

This one though really is very stunning and I don't recollect ever having seen a plant with colors like this. The center is almost a wine shade and then, the full blossoms around that are pure white and it is absolutely gorgeous too!

By the way, the house where those last three photos were taken is vacant and up for sale. So, for anyone interested in living in a little, itty, bitty village -out in the boondocks -but with a lot of flowers and floral shrubs already in place and doing super great too, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to hook you up with the realtor handling the property! (The place also has an above-ground pool up behind the house along with a poolside deck and pool house, plus a three-stall garage with a very large 2 or 3 bedroom apartment above the garage as well! Own and rent, simultaneously, ya know!)

Of course, the bonus to that property is that you then get me and my family as your neighbors.

Oh wait! Maybe that isn't a bonus attraction to some people though, huh?


terri said...

Gorgeous flowers! I never have been good at remembering the names of most flowers and shrubs so I can't tell you what the mystery shrubs are. They sure are pretty though. Mother Nature can be pretty amazing at times!

The property you describe sounds wonderful... and I would LOVE to be your neighbor! Unfortunately, my finances and circumstances don't allow us to even consider the possibility of a move and a place like that!

Maggie May said...

Absolutely fantastic blossoms. You did well to capture them.
Maggie X

Nuts in May