Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photos Don't Lie!

Well, here it is, Saturday night and the weekend is now half over but what a great weekend it's been!

Yesterday, we got company -a visitor from about two hours southeast of us -and he arrived bearing gifts. He brought up several steaks which he then grilled for all of the family, which included Clate and Elizabeth for supper too. Steak, au gratin potatoes, mixed veggies of cauliflower, carrots and broccoli and we were set for one really super delicious meal! Meat was cooked just to the doneness I prefer -medium rare -and seasoned to perfection too!

After supper, we all ended up with a little surprise video to prove to non-believers that my son actually rode in a Ford product!

A neighbor and good friend up the street from us has this fantastic Ford Mustang that he restored and boy, does that thing ever sound super great when he takes it for a spin down the road and then, at the end of our road -or the end of the paved area, that is -he swings around and goes back towards his house by going up the hill behind our place and in doing that, he stops at the foot of the hill and then, really tromps the gas pedal to the floor so you can hear that car probably over the majority of the town then.

That, plus the fact that my son is notorious around these parts for being a "Chevy Man" is what made this video a necessity.

Doug had made a run down our road and stopped to chat a minute or two with Clate and then Doug offered him a chance to take a ride with him -down our street, then up the back hill road behind us and back home.

Mandy didn't think of this video idea until she heard them coming back towards our house and she called out to me to "Get the camera, Mom! We have to get a picture of Clate riding in a Ford product!"

So out I came with the camera and Mandy then proceeded to take a little video then of Doug pulling up in front of our house and Clate getting out of the car. She explained to Doug that we wanted to take some pictures just as proof positive that Clate had actually ridden in a Ford Mustang!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, after Doug dropped Clate off and started down the road, Mandy did this little video too then -which really is just more of an audio because the intent in this video was to get a recording of Doug taking the Mustang up that hill behind us!

As you can tell by both these little videos, it takes very little really to entertain us!

This evening then, we took the kids up to the FlatRun Speedway -which is a track for go-cart type racing. The event tonight was also set up for support for Autism Speaks, as one of the young fellows who is really into this kind of racing is also autistic and so, it was dedicated to him. They had numerous prizes there you could get tickets for and then before the racing evening ended, they had drawings for those prizes.

One of the ladies who was in charge of the drawings came over to us and asked Maya if she would be willing to help them out by drawing all the winning tickets for each item. Initially, when they asked her that, she thought for about 10 seconds and then, shook her head and quietly said "No, I don't think so."

That move of hers totally floored both Mandy and me and we asked her why she didn't want to help out and explained to her a bit more all that they wanted her to do. Then she decided it would be okay and she would do that, provided I go with her!

So as she drew out the winning tickets and the people running the drawing recorded the winners, I stood there, behind her the whole time!

It was a fun time which both Kurt and Maya did enjoy a lot.

However, neither of them was particularly interested in watching the races as they both held their hands over their ears, saying it was too much noise, but at least neither of them went into a meltdown over that. Shows they are each learning to adjust to things that are to them perhaps very uncomfortable sensations.

The both spent the bulk of the evening at the races playing in a big sandbox underneath the announcer's stand! So when we did get home, Mandy had them both take their shoes and socks off out on the sidewalk and front door stoop so she could then dump all the excess sand in their shoes outside!

No doubt about how badly those two kids needed a good bath tonight when we got home! Sand up one side of each kid and down the other!

But it was all a fun time for all of us this weekend and especially so too since we got the video of Clate actually riding in a mustang!

And let me tell you, that car purrs, it roars, it squeals and it growls and it sounds, as Tony the Tiger would say, "GRRRREEAATTT!"


Maggie May said...

So pleased you had such a great weekend.
I think those cars sound mighty powerful.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Sweet car :-)

And anybody who comes to your house to give you steak is a true friend!

bill lisleman said...

Oh the muscle cars of the past. I bet he doesn't even care what his gas mileage is. I never had one but my brother did for a short while and I was lucky enough to drive it. (oh it was a Camaro)