Friday, September 17, 2010

Worry -or Not?

More thinking, more -a whole lot more -procrastinating going on here of late. Lots of questions in my mind, very few answers forthcoming though. Yeah, that's been my state, my frame of mind, a lot these past couple of days.

Some folks who know me (or have known me in the past and are no longer with me) tend to think I'm a bit daft because of some of my methodologies I've often employed. There was a little old lady in our church who I used to drive to some of her medical appointments a few years back and this lady just about worried herself to death. She worried constantly about everything and anything and she used to question me on how I could manage to NOT worry about this stuff.

I would tell her that my theory about worrying, at least then (and I'm trying to get myself fully back on this track now too) was that if I begin to think about stuff and then to worry about it all too, all I'm doing then is making myself majorly depressed and sick too and neither was something I wanted to deal with. Therefore, I tried to put as much as possible in a little compartment in the back of my brain that was labeled "Things not to worry about!"

And now, I feel like I've kind of fallen off that wagon a bit and I have to get back on it and get myself, my system, my mind, on a more even keel so I'm taking things -whether they be real issues or ones that could maybe someday be an issue of a sort, and trying to put them in that mental compartment whenever stuff crops up and deem them as non-worrying items.

For an example, right now -since a certain teenager no longer resides here with us, one of the things I feel I can put in that mental compartment and not worry about for, hopefully, a goodly number of years from now, is acne treatment products. At my age, it's a non-issue and Mandy's never had problems along those lines and the grandkids -well, right now, it's a non-issue with them too.

So I guess it's a safe thing to put in that compartment in my brain then, isn't it?

And I'm going to keep moving along with this method of stashing things into a non-thinking place and thus, eliminate all kinds of petty little things along with maybe some bigger thoughts too that I can't or just don't want to contemplate at this point in time.

Kind of like the theory I used to hold about housework and how I could go off and do all kinds of other things while the house might look like it was ready to walk away from being a big old mess. But I used to tell myself that unless my fairy housecleaning godmother came by while I was out or busy doing something else, the mess would be there, waiting for me, when I came back and felt like dealing with it. And you know what, it was always there, waiting for my return too!

And so will these things that pop in and out of my pea-brain more so than ever it seems these days.

Eventually, it will all come out in the wash and things will right themselves, one way or another.

My theory and I'm sticking to it too!


RuneE said...

Sounds like a good advice to me:
Don't worry about the things you can't do anything about and worry about those that you can do something about. But only when its time for it. :-)

PS Thank you for the pleasant comment - always nice to know that someone else appreciate my small doings on the Net! :-)

Maggie May said...

My mother said that I was born worrying. However since cancer...... I have practised (with some success) to live each day as it comes, to the full.
No point in worrying and mucking up today. Today if things are OK, is a precious day.
I have been reading books on *Mindfulness* and this sort of helps with this way of thinking.
However, if you need to have a weep of thump a cushion, then do so because pent up emotions are not good.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Jeni said...

Thanks, Maggie. That's pretty much the frame of mind I used to try to keep myself in but the past two weeks just seem to have kind of hammered away at me on that type of thinking. I'm working on working that out of my thinking though -hence the discombobulated (at times) posts that maybe are even more discombobulated than my usual level, ya know. Glad to get the uplifting comments though from good blogger friends like you and Marguerite, Suldog, Terri Terri and others! It really does go a long way in the helpfulness department, ya know!

Travis Cody said...

I try to live by the adage...don't borrow trouble. That's my way of convincing myself not to worry at the things I can't control.

So when I find myself slipping into that kind of worry, I tell myself not to borrow trouble. It's going to be what it is.