Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Appetite? What appetite?

Mealtime around this place are often quite interesting. Suffice it to say they can also be very frustrating too though. With two kids who seem interested mainly in having either mac'n'cheese or chicken fingers for their main meal, virtually every day of the week, it can also get more than a bit boring too.

Tonight though, I had made homemade roast beef pot pie using the leftover roast beef from our supper the other day and the leftover gravy too. That, mixed with some sliced potatoes and a can of peas and carrots, all baked in a double pie crust in the big casserole dish and well, Mandy and I regarded this meal as a feast fit for a king.

Maya ate a good bit of her serving of the pot pie but because of the speed with which she dipped her fork or spoon into the food, you could tell her heart wasn't fully into this meal near as much as Mommy or Gram were. Kurtis now -well he's really a horse of a different color when it comes to mealtime, that's for sure.

Often he will say he's gonna eat this or that item I've fixed and then when you put a dabble of it on his plate for him to give it a taste test, he forgets completely about having earlier said he'd try the new food before him.

And initially, that's what I thought was going to happen tonight as he gobbled up the serving of cottage cheese Mandy had given him and he ate half of the whole wheat roll -with butter on it -that I'd fixed for him, but when push came to shove and it was time to try the pot pie, he pulled the brakes on really fast then.

At first, that is. Then I finally convinced him to just take a little taste of the crust and he did that. Lo and behold, it was darned near magical because then he started to push the serving around a bit on his plate -foraging for more pieces of the crust, ya know, and paying no mind to whether there was a bit of meat, some potato or a pea or piece of carrot and a touch of gravy accompanying that bite of pie crust.

Okay, so my success tonight lasted then roughly about 10 minutes until he had managed to find about all the pie crust he could identify as such and then, we reverted right back to seeing his stubborn streak and the flat out refusal then to eat anymore of that dish.

Oh well, I'm still gonna bask in the fact that at least he tried a new food -new to him anyway -and ate a little bit of it before letting the contrariness settle back in on him.

Now, with respect to meals here though and the problems trying to entice the kids to eat, as if that weren't enough to deal with, somehow over the coming months, I'm going to have to figure out ways to fix dishes that will entice the kids to eat some new items and also, give myself things to eat that will be nourishing, yet low in calories, sugar, carbs and fats too, that will also be fairly easy too for my system to digest.

Sometimes I think maybe the only solution for me is just to get some good old herbal phentermine and then, cook whatever the family likes to eat but just nibble at that stuff for myself then, instead of eating my normal-sized portions.

Looking at what options are going to be ahead for me kind of reminds me of the tag line William Bendix had in the old tv show, "Life of Riley" - "What a revolting development this is?"

How to get all these things to mix and blend is gonna make for one rough and rocky road ahead for me!

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