Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Season....

I do believe with the change of seasons last week that now too, my "season" has begun to change as well.

After the rather surprising diagnosis stemming from my surgery back in July - going from pre-cancerous cells in the cervix which is what caused my ob/gyn doctor here to refer me to the surgeon in Pittsburgh and then, the surgery there consisting of a hysterectomy, bladder repair and full hernia repair done there and the pathology report from the hysterectomy revealed cancer of the uterus -not quite what the doctor was expecting, ya know, to the chemo attempt three weeks ago that caused a wild allergic reaction in me, but today, I went back to for what should have been my second chemo treatment but was actually my first one and boy, am I happy this evening with what transpired today.

The chemo treatment today went off without a hitch from start to finish!!!

Yay me. Yay and thank you to Dr. Pedolick and his great staff at the Yingling Cancer Center in Clearfield for being patient with me when I had the reaction three weeks ago and being thorough in the care they provided then. And today, for the care -and calming demeanor -from those around me at the Cancer center as I was a bit edgy when I went in there this morning, worrying about the possibility of having another reaction similar to the one two weeks ago or heck, maybe even worse than that.

But today, the nurse who inserted the needle -for the first time -into the port that was put in last Wednesday was so adept, so skillful, that when she told me that on the count of three she would be putting in the needle for the IV and there would be a pinch -but it was so miniscule that I barely even felt anything at all, I was highly -very highly - impressed with her ability and with the way the port eliminated all the poking and prodding with needles in my arms and hands, etc., as they had to do in the past to find a good vein to use for running an iv on me.

I have to tell you too I had a nice little lunch served compliments of the Cancer Center (and egg-McMuffin type sandwich, cream of tomato soup (my fav flavor) and vanilla pudding along with a large glass of cranberry juice to wash everything down.

It took a bit longer for the chemo to run than the nurse had predicted today. She said it should take about 2.5 hours but they started it around 10:15 a.m. and it didn't end till almost 2 p.m. for about 3 and 3/4 hours then it took start to finish. (Actually, I was there from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. because I had to see the Doctor prior to the chemo so he could discuss the cancer, the chemo and other treatments they may have to consider in perhaps 2-3 months so I was there for a total then of 5 hours!

And I slept most of the time while the IV was running -getting caught up a bit on the sleep I didn't get last night since I kept waking up every hour or two -or so it seemed!

I go back in three weeks for another chemo treatment but will have to have blood work done every Monday from now till the chemo treatments end to keep tabs on my blood counts, T-cells and all that stuff ya know. The head cold/sinus infection is on its way out the door now too, thanks to some antibiotic my family Dr. prescribed to me yesterday to handle that and I took one of the pills they gave me to help ward off any nausea that I could experience from the chemo today too.

So now, I'm all set and raring to go here, full steam ahead and let's get this next season of my life underway now.

Maybe I should have a contest now too -to see who can predict when my hair will begin to fall out?

Think I should do that? Course that might involve a before and after photo of myself or my hair anyway and I'm not ultra-keen on having pictures around of me.

Gonna think on that idea some more but let me know your thoughts anyway.

Bring on Fall -my new motto!


fermicat said...

I am so glad it went better this time! I'll be hoping for a great results.

It is finally feeling like fall here after a delay. So wonderful. Windows. Rain.

Marguerite said...

So happy to hear that it all went well with the chemo, Jenny! The ports make the treatments so much easier and I'm glad that you have one. And great that you feel up to posting, too. You are in my thoughts and prayers, each day. Love, Marguerite

RuneE said...

I haven't kept up properly, so here is all my sympathy regarding your diagnosis and treatment. Though you seem to keep up well and may hardly need it? :-) If you manage to keep up the spirit you show here, it should go without a hitch.

Regarding your hair: It will be you beneath, regardless of whatever you put on top.

Maggie May said...

This took me right back to my recent chemo sessions.
I guess the hair will start to fall out after chemo 2. It starts off as itchy and a bit painful and comes out one or two hairs at a time. In the end they get all over the place & I used one of those gadgets with sticky paper for gathering all the hairs up off clothes. In the end I got sick of this and asked my son to shave it off. As he was doing so, it started to come of in huge clumps in his hand.
I preferred scarves to a wig as it seemed more comfortable.
Hope you continue to feel OK.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Linda said...

Here's hoping that the rest of your treatments go as well as this first one did. Perhaps we can take it as a good sign from above? That would sure be nice, wouldn't it?

As for your hair, whatever you decide will be fine as it will still be you - with or without it. Plus you'll save time and money when you don't have to fuss with it all the time!

Dianne said...

I'm glad it went easier this time
I would imagine any photo of you would be a treat to see :)

Paula said...

Oh thank Heavens your chemo went well this time! You've had such a time lately. Sending prayers your way that things are going to get better from here. Bring on Fall!

... Paige said...

good, I'm glad it went well and that you napped.

positive outcomes come from positive incomes

and I, yes I my dear friend am sure, no I'm positive that the outcome will be good