Friday, September 17, 2010

In Perspective

I know I've mentioned here -on numerous occasions -lots of things about my two little grandchildren. Things they do, say, the logic (if any) existing behind some of their words and antics that Mandy and I have either seen as comical or at times, downright frustrating too.

Both the kids have a good strong, healthy -probably TOO healthy at times -stubborn streak that rises up and confounds us at times. Sometimes, the things they choose to get pigheaded about are downright comical though at the time and yet, are things we have to confront the kids about too because we don't want these thing to keep re-occurring either.

The other morning, Mandy was trying to get Kurtis to get dressed and ready to go to his pre-school program. Seemed like a fairly innocuous procedure and one not likely to erupt into any kind of meltdown as he generally is fairly cooperative about these things -unlike his sister, who often turns into a mega diva if the clothes Mandy has in mind on a particular day don't meet with her color or style fancy of the moment.

But on this particular morning, Kurtis apparently decided it was his day to be obstinate -and bossy too.

Mandy had just finished folding up several loads of clean clothes, ready to take them upstairs to be put away but figured she would just select an outfit from the clothes basket downstairs for him. However, he had different -way different ideas -and stood by the door to the stairway, pointing upstairs and yelling to her, "You go! NOW! Upstairs and get clothes!"

What? Hmmmm. Little boy has no comprehension, really, about one immovable object meeting head-on with another one, equally stubborn -such as his mother can be and especially so when it is a 4-year-old shouting out these directives, ya know!

But, once stubborn little boy meets up, again and again, with one very stubborn Mommy, I do believe, eventually (hopefully sooner than later) he will learn not to mess with her!

And today, he tried the same tactic but different topic to become "little boss man" here. This morning he was a tad upset because we had the Today Show on the tv and he was insisting she should change over to the cartoon channel. Nope. Not gonna happen, little guy! So he started to throw a bit of a hissy fit and she told him if he wanted to watch cartoons, he could go up to his room and watch them there, on the tv the kids have in their room. Unfortunately, he had decided to do that would be "Yucky!" She reminded him if the cartoons would be yucky on the tv upstairs, they would also be yucky on the tv in the living room too and for a change, he decided, quite quickly as a matter of fact, that this was a non-issue item after all and dropped the ideas he'd had immediately. I love it when he sees the light like that, ya know. So much more peaceful than his sister would have been as she'd have made this a life or death issue, for sure! LOL

Today's gonna be another busy day for me now -two doctor appointments this afternoon. One is to have a needle biopsy of the thyroid done over in the Imaging Department at the hospital and the other is what the Cancer Center nurses call a "Meet and Greet" appointment with the surgeon they all pretty much unanimously told me was the best surgeon around for putting in ports for patients. (Ports, if you don't know about this, are an IV hook-up type thing, inserted just under the skin to make it easier for nurses to extract blood or run ivs on patients who, like me, are considered to be "hard sticks" patients with veins that don't like to cooperate and be found or veins that just don't respond well to these things. The first appointment doesn't sound like a fun thing -exactly -to me but I'm sure I've weathered worse or near as worse than this in my life and I've lived to tell about it so will just soldier on about that one. The other -the "meet and greet" -just a necessity so that doctor can get me worked into his surgical schedule in the very near future, ya know.

And while I'm talking now about the medical stuff a bit, and because my mind often wanders about and thinks of all kinds of weirdness -or so it seems -these days, here's something that popped into my head too.

If chemotherapy -certain forms of it anyway -cause hair loss, I wonder if chemo can also make something like say chin acne disappear too? Maybe it could be like killing two birds with one stone, ya know? Well, I don't know but you know what else?

I'm not gonna worry about it anyway!

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terri said...

As frustrating as it must have been for Mandy, the picture of Kurtis pointing upstairs and yelling at her to go get clothes there is pretty comical! Of course, those things are always much more humorous to those of us on the outside looking in. I remember all too well the days when we lived with the antics of a 4 year old!