Thursday, September 02, 2010

Slow start

Remember how I've been doing a lot of walking since my primary care physician gave me an ultimatum back in December that I'd best start watching my sugar and cholesterol intake and also, that I needed to start some kind of exercise program to and lose some weight?

Up until about a week prior to my surgery, I had been doing quite well with my exercise program of choice -walking! I had decided this was about the only form of exercise I could deal with the best and so, I began walking Sammy, our dog, during the winter months and I was pretty faithful too about doing that unless the weather was totally inclement -like cold, cold rain, sleet or worse yet, freezing rain. Snow, wind, really, really cold temps didn't keep me from walking Sammy and during the summer months, only heavy rain with lightning and thunder kept me inside then too.

Heck, on one of the hottest days of the year, I logged my longest walk -which was almost 5 miles, round trip, down to the Red Mo Bridge in my favorite ghost town, Peale.

I have however, been a bit on the slow side since I had the surgery -both in my movements in general and also, in getting back to my walking routine.

This week though, I did try to get back to the walking thing though on Monday when I logged in a big 1.36 miles, round-trip and then today, I got really brave and Sammy and I took our first walk -post-operative -together. We walked down to Peale and back which amounted to just shy of 2 miles, round-trip. I missed out on walking Tuesday and Wednesday because of doctor appointments so have some catching up to do there I guess.

I was figuring that tomorrow (Friday) I could get in a good walk with Sam though because the initial weather reports were that the temperatures would be a bit cooler than they were today -which was VERY hot. However, in watching the late news tonight, I see the reason the temps will be dropping tomorrow is because we're supposed to get some rain in the afternoon. According to the forecaster this rain is coming our way complements of the storm out in the Atlantic right now -good old Hurricane Earl!

I confess too that I was a bit disappointed when I saw that rain symbol in tomorrow's forecast too cause I do enjoy those walks -whether they are by myself or with Sam along for company. But what the heck ya gonna do when your issues are with the weather forecasts anyway. Sure as heck can't sue Mother Nature can you?

Even the very best lawyers couldn't bring suit against her but after watching the forecast tonight and in videos they used showing the size of Earl, the area expected to be impacted by this Hurricane even though he has been downgraded now to a Category 2 storm, I'm thinking there could be a bunch of other accidents and such that a lot of folks in Earl's path might just have a need for a good offshore injury lawyer due to the storm's aftermath, ya know.

Thankfully though, the good news for this area though is that the rest of the Labor Day weekend is supposed to be very nice here -sunny, warm, bright and just right!

Mandy is planning a big event -if all goes well -for us for Monday. This is something we know for sure that both kids will enjoy greatly too.

A trip over the mountain to the amusement park just on the other side of Tyrone, in Tipton -to DelGrosso's! They are having a great special rate on Monday of tickets selling for $3.99 for children, or adults, and that price covers all rides, all day!

Since we missed going to the agency's big picnic day at this park back in June -cause it rained here that day -and the kids were really upset over missing out on getting to go on all the great rides they have there -she figured this would be our last hurrah for this season, ya know!

So here's hoping, if I get up early enough and am able to get out for a little walk maybe early in the morning, then kick the distance up a notch on Saturday and Sunday, by Monday I'll have the legs in decent shape to hold up for a day of chasing the kids from one ride to another and listening to their happy squeals and be able to share lots and lots of laughter with them then.

And, here's hoping too though that Hurricane Earl doesn't hit the eastern seaboard too hard!


Sandee said...

Enjoy your three day weekend. Big hug. :)

fermicat said...

Enjoy your walk. Hope it isn't soggy! And good luck to your Nittany Lions this season.

We'll have perfect weather for our first game on Saturday. Mid-eighties, sunny, and low humidity. Can't wait!

terri said...

I think it's expected that it's a little slow-going getting back in routine. I hope you can find time for a walk before the rain hits. And I hope the fun trip on Monday is fun for all!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I hope you are doing better. I was told to drop a few pounds, cut salt and sugar intake! I need to begin my walking routine now too! good luck

Nick said...

You can't go wrong with walking :)

My mind feels so refreshed after a bit of exercising, and I find it really helps me write better. Good luck with your own writings.

Maggie May said...

Walking is the best thing you & I can do (but not during a hurricane!)
Hope it blows itself out and that your weather changes to a more suitable walking climate.
maggie x

Nuts in May

Linda said...

I am totally impressed that you were out walking in the nasty heat we had last week but I do hope that you're taking it easy and keeping hydrated. I keep telling myself I need to get out and do some walking but my energy levels are about non-existent right now.

Earl was a bust in spite of the hue and cry that the weather forecasters put out and we didn't even get as much rain as I thought we were going to get. Considering we need a lot of rain, that was a bit disappointing but at least it broke the heat and humidity we'd been having since last Monday. Enough already with the heat waves this year!