Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Night and God Bless

Just a little report on things in the "fast lane" here at our house.

Seems it may have been a rather opportune thing that my first chemo treatment sort of went by the wayside. Well at least in my opinion, I see it in that way.

Why? Well simply because late Thursday afternoon, I noticed my throat getting a bit scratchy and sore and the nose was starting to act up to so I had Mandy make a quick trip to Walmart for me to get some Mucinex DM and a generic cold tablet supply. So, since Thursday, my system's been in the throes of a nasty head cold and I'm so glad -relieved actually -that I didn't have to deal with the after effects of chemo along with a head cold.

Once medical dilemma at a time is fine by me!

So now, where was I heading when I started this post? What is the significance of my title, you're probably wondering.

I've been trying the past couple of months now to indoctrinate Kurtis into saying prayers every night before he goes to bed. Nothing fancy, just the good old nite-time "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer followed by a string of God Bless this person and that one, naming all different people in his life.

Last night, he and Maya both got their bedclothes on and he'd finished off his cup of milk that we lace with the meds for his allergies and to help him sleep soundly -or relatively so at any rate -and he came to me, crawled up in my lap which he does frequently when he's ready to go to bed now.

As he snuggled up to me, I asked him if he was going to say his prayers and he said yes. So I started out, as I do with that routine, where I say a line and he repeats it after me. We went through the "Now I lay me" prayer and when we reached the end and I said "Amen" he repeated that quite resoundingly to me.

Then he spoke up saying "And Mar-Kay?" I asked him what he meant and he repeated that again and I realized he was launching off into the "God Blesses" then, on his own. The "Mar-Kay" he mentioned there is the name of Maya's bus driver.

Okay, I said, this is good. And I asked if he had others he wanted to "God Bless" and he picked right up on that. The next name he mentioned was "Passor Carrie" (Our minister, Pastor Carrie, who he loves). After that, he had a litany of others too -Miss Randi (one of his therapists), Miss Dawn (His TSS), Miss Amanda (Maya's TSS), Miss Keddi (MIss Carrie, the teacher at his pre-school), Miss Jackie (An aide at his pre-school) and then came "And Miss Grammy and Miss Maya and Miss Mommie and Miss Ken"!

I started snickering a bit when he said "Miss Grammy" but by the time he finished up with saying "And Miss Ken" I have to admit that I howled laughing then!

The "Miss Ken" is far from being a Miss at all but rather should have been called "MR Ken" but apparently Kurtis doesn't do gender differentiations just yet.

When he finished with his list, I led him through all the others we normally do in the God Blesses -Aunt Carrie, Uncle Clate, Pappy, Poppy, Great-Grandma and everyone in our large extended family gets included at the end with a simple "God bless all my other cousins" which he says as "And all my udder cousins!"

So just so everyone within all sides of my family tree -and from his Dad's side too -you all get counted in with Kurt's God Blesses in one way or another!

And with that I'm gonna end this post too with a huge God Bless from me to all my family, all my friends -be you friends I've had for life, new friends, cyberspace friends -whatever.

May God Bless!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

God bless us, every one!!!! :-)) Love, love, love this, Jeni!!! What a heartwarming story from your everyday life...So happy to hear this!!! You brought me HUGE smiles with this one!!! I missed visiting you while I was my break! So glad to be back and to see what you are up to!! Love, Janine XO

Marguerite said...

That is so sweet! It says a lot for how big, little Kurtis's heart is. God Bless you for being such a good Grammy! Hope you feel better, soon! Hugs, Marguerite

Suldog said...

Your title is very close to what I said to my parents, and they said to me, every night of my life living under their roof, as the last thing we said to each other before sleep: Good night, God bless you.

Maggie May said...

He is a lovely little boy and has a heart of gold with all his prayers. God knows the gender!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

Doesn't your heart melt when he crawls up into your lap for bedtime talk? This is such a sweet post.
Take care of yourself, I hope the cold symptoms disappear soon.

Paula said...

And God Bless you all too! What a sweet post, Jeni.
So hoping your cold goes away soon. Praying that your chemo does the trick and doesn't make you to sick. xoxo