Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How's That Work?

Well, the first day of school for our FIRST GRADER here is now over and done -history! She survived apparently quite well cause she only gave a minimal of excuses about why she shouldn't have to go to bed when Mom said to head upstairs and then, after a round of hugs and kisses, she and Kurtis both shuffled off to Buffalo, ya know!

On Monday, Mandy took Maya up to the school as Maya's new teacher for this year was going to be there and that way, Maya got a chance to meet him, know what her new teacher looks like, where she will sit, in what room, what bus she will take and all that good stuff.

It also gave her a chance to talk to him and kind of get a bit acquainted too. But ya know, with Maya, things like that have a tendency to work the other way where it is the other party who has the opportunity to see how Maya reacts too. And boy, according to Mandy, Miss Maya gave this guy an earful!

Mandy thinks, after listening to Maya ask her incessant questions -about everything and anything -that a good work opportunity for her may exist down the line as an interrogator for the U.S. Government. Yeah, she asked pretty much that many questions.

The one Mandy and I liked the best though came about when she asked the teacher what types of math problems they would be working on and he told her "Oh a little addition, a little subtraction." And to that she then informed him that she would like to work on fractions because she likes them! Mandy said the teacher flashed her a quizzical look when Maya told him that and Mandy nodded to him, saying that yes, she does indeed like to work with fractions.

Glad he got a chance to meet her in advance now, isn't he? I hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (cough, cough -this place is anything but a ranch. A barn at times maybe.) Mandy and I have been giving a lot of thought about an event upcoming next May and that would be the wedding of her old roommate and former h.s. classmate too. If I have all the details straight -which I might not but anyway, I have till the end of May to figure them out I suppose -BJ and Paul are getting married over Memorial Day Weekend.

Now that sounds like a nice time to plan a nice wedding, don't you think? It would all be easy-peasy to deal with too if they were coming back home here to get married but they aren't.

They are getting married in North Carolina and I think someplace in the Nag's Head area.

Neither Mandy nor I have ever been to North Carolina -that's for openers. But we'd both love to be able to go down there and be there for this wedding.

So I did a bit of nosing around, on-line, trying to get a bit of information on hotels, motels, beach homes, condos -you know, whatever is available. And judging by what I saw -price wise -we'd probably have as good a chance at getting financing for a unit listed under the Outer Banks foreclosures as we will of finding a place to stay there that we can afford!

Of course, we do still have what, nine months to try to put a few coins aside and save up for a place for at least a two-day stay but shucks, when neither of us has been there before, and with that area being the home of Kitty Hawk of early flying fame, plus great beaches and all that, it would be kind of nice to see if we can scrounge around and find something for more than two days and a night, wouldn't it?

Of course, just to throw yet another little monkey wrench into our ideas there's also the issue of travel and would either her car or my old jeep be up to a trip that far too? Gonna have to do a lot of thinking -and planning -about this whole event ya know!

And who knows, we might just be able to work something out if we work on this together.

That's how that works, ya know.


Linda said...

Woohoo and yay to Maya for a great first day of school!

I think a trip down to North Carolina would be lovely for the both of you so I hope you're able to work it out and go. Lord knows you could both use a vacation, right??

Sandi McBride said...

Hope you're recovering well from your bout, Jeni! And believe me, the Outer Banks of NC are GORGEOUS!! Just hope that Hurricane Earl doesn't do too much damage to her coastline. Sounds like Maya is a lovely little student that any teacher would be proud to have as a student!

TechnoBabe said...

Maya sounds like she can grow up to be just about anything. It will be interesting to read how her first grade adventures are this year.

... Paige said...

I hope they are watching the news...Earl is on their watch list.

glad to hear first day of school was good

terri said...

I'll bet that new teacher won't soon be forgetting Maya's name. Sounds like she made quite an impression on him, and a good one too!