Friday, September 17, 2010

Planning Ahead

I've mentioned this before in the past I know and it's something I'm still kind of mentally working on, dealing with as it were -the weight thing, that is.

I've lost 25 pounds now since last December when my doctor told me I needed to get a grip on this issue in my life. Not a huge amount of weight loss there, I know, but as you know too if you recall, I attribute this small but still significant amount of weight loss to simply walking my dog, Sammy!

And, that's been a good thing -for him as well as for me -to get out, to walk even just a very short distance as well as some walks that we have made that have been pretty long ones too. And yes, I have, as a general rule, enjoyed that little bit of exercise and especially the difference it's made in my body too as it's helped me to drop a size or two in the clothing department too.

Now though, I do have to figure out how to regroup on the weight/food intake issues though. The walking, while it's a darned good thing to do, isn't going to be adequate in the months to come for my body's needs.

I wish there were some really simple solution that I could just go to a website, like maybe and get all the information I need there in one click of a button.

However, things -like diets and such -never come and land in our laps that easily, do they?

I need to work on the intake to my system of things like carbs and fats and try to get my blood sugar stabilized all the while, making sure that I am giving myself a very healthy meal plan too that will keep my system functioning properly on ALL levels too once the chemotherapy actually begins, ya know. And that ain't gonna be a really easy proposition to deal with there but it's one I do have to work on, to plan my meals better and in doing that, also work on my grocery shopping lists too so that I make sure I have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to keep the good vitamins, minerals and all that flowing properly and that in turn, will make sure then to keep things flowing -properly -within my body as well!

I just need to keep better track of what I ingest and how beneficial those things are to me. That's all!


Well, sounds like a reasonable enough game plan to me -at least today. But then, who knows too what tomorrow will bring into my mind, huh?


Suldog said...


I think the loss of 25 pounds is something to be very proud about. Good for you!

I've found that my annual Lenten diet gets weight off fairly quickly. Now, it's not tremendously easy at first, but after the first week it isn't so hard as you get into the routine. Anyway, in order to drop weight before softball begins, I take the six weeks of Lent and give up all foods containing wheat flour and I also forgo all dairy products (excepting milk or cream for coffee.) I usually drop 5 or 6 pounds the first week, then a couple of pounds a week after that. Obviously, it levels off after a short while, but I'm generally 10 or 12 pounds lighter for the start of the season. My beginning weight is around 195 after a winter of no exercise, so use that to gauge how much you might lose.

Just a suggestion.

TechnoBabe said...

I for one think 25 pounds is a great triumph. It is not just a small thing and I remember your walking Sammy day after day and building up the length of the walk. Good for you.

Linda said...

Losing 25 pounds is nothing to sneeze at and I sure wish I had the ambition and discipline to do the same.

I read something the other day - darned if I can remember where of course - about how everyone is already on a diet as a diet is defined as "The usual food and drink of a person or animal" so technically that makes sense - it's whatever you eat usually. I guess I just have to remember to throw in the word "restrictive" before diet and then maybe I can get it under control considering my usual diet is not helping me get in any better shape before my cruise in February!

Palm Springs Savant said...

You should be proud of losing 25 pounds, and pat Sammy on the head for that too!
I'm no diet guru, but I feel that reducing sugar and salt intake are key. Reducing the amount of any prepared foods, and cutting back on portion sizes are the best steps to start a diet journey.

... Paige said...

think small meals, 5 times a day-mostly veggies, protien and grains. measure out your stuff- try for 1/2 cups, meat no bigger than a deck of cards. and treat patatoes as a bread.

25lbs is awesome.

and these next steps will be fine


terri said...

Eating well is a challenge for anyone. Add to it the issues of diabetes and chemotherapy, and it makes it even harder. I have no doubt you'll figure things out though! You seem to be able to do whatever it is you put your mind to!

Alex the Girl said...

25 pounds is a tremendous success. I'm still fighting my battle on a daily basis. GOOD LUCK!

fermicat said...

Congrats on the 25 pounds. It isn't easy to lose any weight so you have a very good start. I wish nutrition wasn't so complicated. I'm trying to do a little better in this area, but with only partial success.

Skittles said...

25 pounds??? That's fantastic!

Stacey's Treasures said...

It sounds to me like you are doing great! I like to walk but sometimes am to busy or lazy. Going to try to get back into my walking routine.