Friday, August 20, 2010

Tangled Webs!

So, tonight I remembered I hadn't downloaded some pictures on my camera since before I had the surgery and I figured no time like the present to do that job.

It should have been an easy feat to accomplish and would have been a hell of a lot easier to do if I'd been able to find the cord that is plugged in somewhere in the back of my computer and that I then plug the other end into my camera and presto magic, within seconds, the photos are removed from my camera and transferred over to my computer -as well as to my account on Kodak's Gallery too.

Should have been easy yes, but it sure as heck wasn't!

Why was that? Well, because in the past two weeks, one day Mandy got the urge to neaten up around my desk and the computer and in doing that, she pulled that cord for the camera off to the side and I couldn't locate it!

What a mess to try to de-tangle these darned wires -all of about the same size, of course and yes, each and every one of them is a standard color too. All black!

Why can't computer manufacturer's and camera makers and speaker suppliers and phone people make the wires that go from each of these type units into the back of the computer each a different but standard color for all to use?

Really, folks, would that be all that difficult a deed to perform?

The speaker cable/wires could be oh -maybe in yellow, the phone wires in red; camera wires -how about green, maybe -just so when you go to locate the darned thing, you only have to look for one particular color -not detangle a kazillion of these little wires, all black, and very confusing too if, as is the case in my set-up here, the back of the computer is situated on my desk and very difficult to pull it out a bit to try to look behind the darned thing to see if you can find the needed wire that way.

So instead, you have to weave the phone set's wires in, out -under and over all these other wires, then do the same with the speaker wires and of course, the mouse too until finally you retrieve one lone wire that has the little thingy near the end of it that you then recognize as the part that you plug into the darned camera so you can download some photographs to the computer!

There are already enough things -as I expressed earlier this evening -about computers and programs and such that can easily confuse me for hours on end and I really don't need one more item -like a big mess of these wires to befuddle me and de-tangle the darned things.

Anyone else get annoyed by things like this or am I just getting too darned old, not having near enough patience to try to work this kind of stuff out without running the risk of turning the air in here really blue from my blue vocabulary that things like this tend to bring out and to the surface in me?

Something else that should be given a priority level by manufacturers, in my humble opinion anyway!


Maggie May said...

Anything to do with computers going wrong or new things that I'm not sure how to attempt, sends me nearly crazy!
I suppose I ought to be grateful that I can switch it on and off......... do an email and blog!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

fermicat said...

I wish the end of the camera cable wasn't so tiny and hard to plug in! I fuddle around with it and hardly ever succeed on the first try. I never know if I have it backwards, or am just not finding the right spot.

TechnoBabe said...

You are right, there are cords all over the place. I don't leave the cord for the camera plugged into the computer because hubby and I share the camera. I usually take the cord off the camera and detach from the computer and put it in a specific place so either one of us can find it for the next time. I hope you are healing and getting better every day.

... Paige said...

I don't use the cable for the camera, I take the SD memory card out and shove that in the slot.

I make folders by date for all our photos, the hard part is membering where we were and the date for latter...I take hundreds of photos and some are good :-)

Travis Cody said...

I've got the camera cord, the Ipod cord, the cell phone cord, and now the Kindle cord. Yikes! Sometimes I reach for one and realize it's not the one I want!

That happens a lot using a laptop. The cord I want is rarely the one that is within reach!