Saturday, August 28, 2010

Something In The Water?

It's always been an old joke around these parts when you talk to a woman you know and learn she's expecting, in the family way, pregnant, and quite often someone almost always makes a wise crack about how that woman must have been partaking of the water in the area cause ya know, that's obviously what causes that condition.

But in the past 4 plus years since Maya first began receiving services for therapy to treat her for the autism, we've now had several therapists who apparently have been drinking the water here in our house -if that old adage has any truth to it, that is.

The speech therapist who worked first with Maya and then with Kurtis just had her second baby -another boy -since she started working with my grandchildren.

It seems to me there were a couple other therapists too who ended up having new babies while working with the kids but right now, be darned if I can remember who they were -except for one -Kurt's therapist for "Play Therapy" who is due in December now!

All I can say to her though is to keep on taking those one a day womens prenatal vitamins while you're waiting for this blessed event to arrive.

They really are a darned good thing ya know!

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