Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cold Days!

Boy, I have no clue what the heck took over my body for the past couple of days, but there were times when I thought I was gonna freeze for sure!

All day Friday, while my neighbor was here sweating it out, trying to fix my lovely computer, I sat in my recliner all bundled up with a nice furry blanket around me and even brought the space heater out of the bathroom and set it up at the entrance to the living room to try to give myself a little bit more heat. Same thing went on all day Saturday day.

Finally, Saturday afternoon, because I felt then like I might be running a low-grade fever (couldn't have found the thermometer here if my life had depended on it, of course) but anyway, after about an hour or two from taking two excedrin, I started to feel a bit warmer. Of course within 6 hours, that warmth dwindled off and I was back to freezing again!

Today, I felt pretty decent -not freezing anyway as soon as I woke up -so I was able to get a shower, dressed and we managed to make it to church for a change. All four of us -Me, Mandy, Maya and Kurt. Maya was actually excited to go to church today because she knew she would be taking her backpack with her and placing it, along with backpacks from other kids in our church, around the altar so Pastor Carrie could then have the "Blessing of the Backpacks." That was a nice little switch in our church service and even Kurtis took his backpack up there too.

I thought initially that maybe we would make it the whole way through church without him going into a minor meltdown, hopefully not a major one, but as soon as the service was about to begin, he began to tense up and began to whine about not wanting to hear the organ. Seems he has an issue apparently with that kind of music but today, thankfully for us, the organist was off and our neighbor was the musician and she only plays the piano, so he wasn't too miserable then. A little whining, a little talking here and there but Mandy only took him out one time and that was at the very beginning of the service before she had a chance to get him to accept the piano music instead of being worried about the organ. It really is funny the various things -noises, especially -that can and often do, set him off! He's getting a bit better but one just never knows about those things and how much screaming they are liable to set off in him!

Back home and the kids left for the day to go with their dad for his day-long visitation which left me here in a quiet house, very peaceful too, I might add.

Then the freezing stuff kicked in again!

EGADS! Makes a person wonder what the heck is causing that! More excedrin though and it finally went away for a while at least.

I didn't feel like cooking anything -not worth messing with cooking just for myself -so I got myself a treat and ordered a yummy cheesesteak hoagie from a little sandwich/pizza place about 5 miles from here. I enjoyed going there too because there are two sisters who manage this place and one of them, her son was in the same preschool class with Maya both years she attended the preschool program plus, they both rode the same van too so she and this little guy had then been really good friends. Last year though, in kindergarten, they were separated and she started acting out on him in the van too towards the end of the school year. See what I mean about how academically she does fine and dandy but really does need a lot more help to adjust properly with the social skills area?

Tonight then, when Bill brought the kids home, I was a bit concerned and was hoping things would go smoother tonight than they did last Sunday night. That night, was really rough for Maya especially as she was in a very weepy mode, having a major hissy fit and didn't want her dad to leave, wanted to go with him and it took a long time to get her calmed down and ready for bed.

Tonight when they came home, he was going to give them a bath and I thought, oh boy, be prepared for a meltdown from one or possibly even both kids but instead, they both went willingly to get a bath and within 10 minutes after they finished up in the bathroom, both kids were sound asleep -one of the sofa and the other on the loveseat!

Who knows what might trigger the mood changes from day to day, sometimes, from hour to hour but tonight, things just went as smooth as glass!

And I'm a very happy camper because of that too. Now, let's see if I can just stay warm too!


Sandee said...

Yikes on the freezing thing. That doesn't sound like fun one bit.

Glad the kids came home and no major incidents happened. It's hard for them when dad isn't around all the time, but we know that.

Have a terrific and warm week ahead. :)

Suldog said...

Well, a cheesesteak (especially one with peppers, for me) will always make someone feel better, IMHO. Sorry to hear about the chills. As you know, I've been battling that sort of stuff for a couple of weeks, just over it completely (I think.) Hope yours is done in the short term! If not, MORE CHEESESTEAK is Dr. Sullivan's prescription.