Monday, August 30, 2010

Musical Maya!

I know I've mentioned on several occasions how much Maya loves to sing -and boy, does she ever! She knows a lot of little children's songs plus several other songs she's learned from listening to many of her Mom's CDs too.

But one thing we noticed early on about her is her ability to pick up a beat and drum it out with her hands -on the table, on anything around her too for that matter. Her Dad loves to play the drums and has a set that he often practices on and does little jam sessions too with various friends of his as well.

Back before Christmas though, Bill saw this little snare drum set and decided that the price for it was right and it would make a good gift -getting two sets of these mind you -one for each of the children.

Now when I saw those two items, my mind immediately went on red alert! The thought of two small children, each drumming away with no real purpose, no training either, had my eardrums hurting just imagining what that would be like.

And let me tell you this too, I was quite happy when both those drums ended up getting broken and my ears got a lot of rest then too.

Can you imagine though the beating my ears (and entire system) would have taken if they had access to stainless steel drums like these though?

I'm pretty sure though I don't have to worry about either of the kids having access to drums like that -not in my lifetime anyway -and doubtful they would have any other use from these type of drums either now, would they?

Well, as long as I'm alive, if they do ever encounter anything like these, it will be for a completely different reason that to use them to make music, huh?

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Debbie said...

It's great that they have innate rhythm though. My youngest plays cello and struggles so much with his rhythm.