Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tackling the Bills!

Well, the bills from my recent hospital stay -as well as tests and prior hospital visit back in May -have begun to trickle in and as I look over these things and wonder where I'm going to find the extra cash in my checking account to pay "my share" -that lovely deductible, ya know, it gets me to wondering about medical costs as well as insurance too and how various states might compare to what hospitals and insurance companies charge, in comparison to Pennsylvania.

I did a little peeking around to see if I could get any clarification about any of this -and really, the only thing I did learn was about North Carolina health insurance.

And it made me feel pretty good when I realized that my insurance here costs -and pays out too -about the same in that state as it does in Pennsylvania.

Not that getting this little bit of information will help me figure out how to pay the balance of the bills I have floating in here now but at least I know if I were ever to move to North Carolina, it would all run me about the same there as it does here.

I know -small comfort that is, huh?

Better than nothing though is my feeling about all of this!

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Travis Cody said...

I remember getting a big scary itemization from surgery and a hospital stay. Then I remember the huge sigh when I realized I could afford my small portion of deductible.

Hang in there!